Happy Birthday, Charm babies!!!

Today the Charm babies turn 1!  I can hardly believe it’s been a year since they arrived…it’s been interesting!  A huge learning experience for me in many ways, and a lot of fun too.  I love hearing reports on each of the kids from time to time and watching them grow up.

Speaking of my own charming Plizzard kid, Nash is such a silly and goofy guy.  He finally grew out of most of the “baddog” phase and is just a lot of fun!  He is, in many ways, exactly what I was hoping to get out of this litter….fun-loving, sweet, gets along with everyone, pretty, structurally nice, and brindle!  He’s easy to train and very agile, so after we’re done with the Ch thing I have high hopes for him in agility.  :)  Oh speaking of conformation, I’m quite proud of the other show pups from the litter….4 of them are now major pointed!  June leads the way with 9 points and both majors, Vegas and Lucy both have 6 points and a major, and Nash has a 4 point major.  Not bad for a group of puppies that, overall, are taking their sweet time growing up.  LOL!

So happy birthday, babies!  I couldn’t be prouder of all of you.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Charm babies!!!”

  1. awwww – I got a little teary eyed, reading this! It seems like just yesterday we were all awaiting their arrival – and now here we are a year later with lively, healthy, happy bundles of Cardigan goodness. :) Thank YOU, Jeri, for doing such an amazing job with these babies. Piper is a happy girl with a great temperament who makes anyone who meets her smile. We owe SO MUCH of what they are today, to YOU and what you did with them in the time you had them!
    Happy birthday to the Charming Plizzards… wonderful dogs – all 9!

  2. Miss Junie B got a Jack in the Box meaty breakfast burrito – well, ok, she shared with me – for her birthday dinner. The nearest Jack in the Box is 2 hours away so that’s a rare treat. Happy birthday, charmed babies!

  3. We also want to thank you for Lucy, she and her siblings all seem so very special in their own ways. Happy One Years Birthday to Nash and all the truly charmed siblings!

  4. Even though Vegas isnt mine, I do have to say what a great dog he is. Always happy, willing, and smiling. I adore that boy. Happy Birthday to all.

  5. Hey Jeri…
    Happy Barkday to all those wonderful cardi-kids! And as for how wonderful they all are, YOU are the reason. Yes, good breeding. Pilot and Lizzie brought wonderful cardi traits to the litter. But how you raised them once they were born is the difference. We couldn’t be more pleased with little Harmony. She’s such a hoot. Everyone goes bonkers over her. I love bringing her in class and watching her grab other dog’s leashes and drag them to the kennel in our training ring. So totally cracks everyone up. You did one heck of a job with these pups. We can’t thank you enough for entrusting us with Harmony!

    Happy Barkday Puppies!

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