12 thoughts on “I think she’s getting along OK there…”

  1. Oh, my doG! I cannot believe you posted this horrible, horrible photo – both of us are sweaty and dirty and my legs aren’t even recently shaved! And the house is messy too. I believe the title of the email in which I sent this photo to you was “Girls at Home”, not “Girls on the Internet”! Not our finest hour! Step away from the camera, Bob, step away! LOL!!!

  2. And thus you learn a lesson about sending me pictures. Or at least learn to put a disclaimer on them.

    No one is looking at your legs, sweat, or dirty house. June looks kind of “derrrrrrr!” too…but it’s still a nice photo of the two of you. 😛

  3. I’m so glad to see my favorite Junie B totally relaxed. Leslie, I even biggified the photo and couldn’t see leg hair.

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