Remembering back…

All of these adorable new cousin puppies, at Elyan (by Uncle Chase), at Storm Ridge (out of Aunt Clem)…are making me seriously start longing for puppies again.  I was reminiscing back through blog posts from my litter last year and laughing.

When I saw this picture today on Penni’s blog of her little red-haired girl Reba:

I knew it reminded me of someone else who used to rule the whelping box (Maddie):

Then I came across this beautiful picture of June:

I was struck by how much she has always been so consistent.  Here she is when she came back to my house at 11 months:

4 thoughts on “Remembering back…”

  1. It’s hard to imagine anything more perfect than a red-headed June. Though if Smooch turns out to be the keeper I won’t be disappointesd.

  2. Okay, now you have Lucy jealous. “Hey! what about me, remember, I’m Lucy! Where is that noisy vacuum cleaner!” You know Jeri, she still wants to play with the vacuum, when everyone else avoids it like the plague.

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