Junie B

I wanted to share the photo Leslie just received from June’s Select Bitch win at Nashville a couple weeks ago…not a bad photo of the girl.  Not a perfect stack, but hair makes a big difference!  Unfortunately, I’ve heard that she has now started to drop her lovely coat again… just in time for Nationals.  This win for June was just shy of a major, boo!  Way to go Leslie!  :)

Nash was RWD the day before, but we only showed one day.  With all the stuff to get ready for moving I’ve hardly had time to enter any shows…his CH will very likely just have to wait until after we are in Colorado.  He has decided to nekkid himself as well.  In fact the only dog in my house with hair so far is (knock on wood) Lizzie!  I plan to show her in breed at Nationals this year, which will be the first time since she was a puppy that she’ll actually have hair for that show LOL.  Nash is entered in Bred-By but I’m wondering what I can do to help him manufacture hair in the next week.

Move plans are coming along.  We have figured out where the kids will be going to school/preschool next year, which is a huge weight off of my mind!  Our move is being scheduled for the last week of May.  It is looking likely that our Alabama house will not have sold before we move, which is a bummer, but we really need to go ahead and get out there so that the kids can get settled before regular school starts.  We still need to sell so many things, that is my next project…clearing out the house!

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  1. Grats on Junie’s lovely win… :)
    And Congrats on plans coming along nicely for the CO move…. I wish there were a way I could help you clear out the house (by buying things!! 😉 ) One step at a time, and before you know it, Colorado will be welcoming you back with open arms! :) Can’t wait till you’re closer! :)

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