Whew, I’m back!

I know, I know…I’ve been totally MIA from my blog for a loooooong time. In my defense, we WERE moving across the country. It took me a while to find all my camera gear so I could even take pictures to share! We’ve been very caught up in moving, doing fun things with the kiddos, and settling into our new city. :) I finally feel somewhat back to normal, located my dog washing/grooming stuff so I could clean up my Very Dirty Dogs, and found some time to spruce them all up!

Nash and the rest of the Charm litter celebrated their 2nd birthdays not quite 2 weeks ago! Happiest of birthdays to all of the sweet babies…and if any owners are reading this and would like to send me an update on your Charm puppy and/or pictures, I’d love it! I do keep up with most of them when I can but updates are always welcomed. :) On a sad note, many of you know that we lost a sister recently, Echo…she’s been in my thoughts a lot lately, and many hugs to her other owners. We think that Echo had a lingering issue from when a thief let Mandy’s dogs out of her yard and Echo was hit by a car…she seemed ok at the time but her sudden loss a few months later is consistent with a hidden injury from trauma.

On a very BRIGHT note, other sister Lucy is now Ch* Allegro Turn on the Charm!! (*AKC pending) I’m so proud of how this little girl grew up, and thankful to her owners for showing her to her CH. I’ll let her owners do the bragging on her here: http://stormridgecardis.com/2011/07/mt-vernon-lucy/

And birthdays and baths always make me think about taking some photos of my own Charm puppy, Nash.  These puppies have been sloooooow to grow up, but I’m quite pleased as they approach full maturity with how several of them are coming together, Nash included.  He’s a perfectly-sized (IMO) 35 pound boy, and extremely agile and fun.  I think he’s rather pretty, too, although we’re getting very rusty on the whole show-stacking thing…need to work on that, as I hope to take him out again soon to finish that CH!  He has 9 points and a major from the puppy classes.  I apologize that the pictures aren’t that crisp, I was using a timer since Dave is at work today.  :)

Free-stacking front...we were getting very hot by this point so I only snapped a couple front pics!

4 thoughts on “Whew, I’m back!”

  1. What a handsome boy that Nash has turned out to be! Can’t wait to see him back at the shows.

  2. Nash is quite a looker! And Junie-B is doing well. Patti and I will get you some updated pics of Harmony, our holy terror! LOL! She’s doing beautifully and has taken charge of the household.

    Hugs to you all. Glad your settling in.

  3. Nash is looking good, hopefully we can convince you a show trip is in order out west since you are so much closer now. :) We should have a new picture for you soon 😀

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