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Well…silly people who move across country should be sure to remember to update their address when they enter shows.  :)  Nash’s show photo from Eagle a few weeks ago was mailed to my old address in AL…thankfully, my sister-in-law and her family are the people who bought the house from us, and she has been helping us in many ways.  So I finally got it!  And I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m NOT pleased, however, with my scanner that seems to be scanning everything in very blown-out and oversaturated.  I fixed it as best I could but am still not happy with the color/saturation.

I also had a nice update from Vegas’ owner Joyce.  Vegas was BOB 2 days last weekend to add on some more single points and leave him at “the dreaded” 14.  He has both of his majors so is just searching for a single now…here’s hoping he finds it soon!  She also let me know that at his most recent yearly checkup/bloodwork, he tested very low positive for Lyme disease.  :(  He shows no symptoms and we are all hoping it stays that way, but if anyone has any advice for Joyce regarding Lyme that I could pass on I’d appreciate it.

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  1. The picture looks lovely!

    Re: the Lyme. Did they just do the SNAP4DX? If yes, even if they do not want to treat him at the moment because he is asymptomatic, I would recommend having a IDEXX C6 done. This will give them a baseline of the Lyme infection activity in his body (>30 they recommend treating – Bug tested at 424 the first time). Based on the C6 they might decide to treat anyway, but if they don’t and he begins to act skittish or show physical symptoms they can run another C6 at a later date and compare the level of infection. Up here drawing blood for the C6 is a tech visit and the test costs between $100 – $130 depending on your vet. Turn-around is usually 2 days. I have had to deal with Lyme multiple times with my boys and it is a pain.

    1. They did a C6 and he tested at a 76. He is undergoing treatment so hopefully he’ll recover just fine…if he does run into issues in the future I may point her in your direction for some been-there advice. :) Thanks!

  2. Oh, and Tick-L is a great resource. I will warn they are a bit hardcore. Many members have lost dogs due to Lyme and believe in treat, treat, treat (with doxy). With that caveat, it is still a great resource.

    1. I’m crossing my fingers that he finishes in Greeley next weekend, but we’re only entered one day so who knows. Otherwise, I’m definitely thinking about going but will probably wait to see whether he keeps his coat.

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