Richland here we come?

Well, I missed a dog show this morning.  I had only entered Nash one day in Greeley, because yesterday was Jack’s 4th birthday and I sort of felt like a heel when thinking about entering/going to a dog show when I should be celebrating with him.  :)  I was excited when Greeley pulled majors!  But the 8 am ring time today, 1.5 hour drive to get there, when coupled with an extremely bad night of sleep, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to go.  Us dog people do crazy stuff all the time for shows, but I *actually* had the thought this morning that with how tired I was, it was clearly dangerous to think about driving, by myself, in the dark morning.  So I slept until 10 instead.

That leaves Nash still needing that last major.  If the hair holds, I think I’ll plan a different crazy trip to Richland.  It seems like it would be a beautiful time of year to drive through that part of the country, it’s a Cardigan specialty, and it would allow me to see and mingle with some of my favorite people.  And maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get the last major this year after all…if not, we’ll be on the hunt again.

On a different note, we are now on week 3 of me switching the dogs to a completely raw diet.  So far so good!  My backyard smells better by a long mile…poop is less stinky and there isn’t as much of it.  And the dogs seem to look great.  For now, because I’m lazy and my dogs bolt their food even including whole pieces of chicken, I am using Bravo frozen raw diet.  Thankfully I found a great local store that carries it, and it comes in 2-lb chubs which is perfect right now to feed my 3….Nash, who still eats like an adolescent, gets about 1 lb of it, and Lizzie and Brady each get about 1/2 lb.  I add Missing Link, a dash of oil, and occasionally a handful of frozen veggies because they like ’em.  It has been easy and isn’t much more expensive than what I was paying for 2 bags of premium kibble per month.

2 thoughts on “Richland here we come?”

  1. It would be fantastic if you made Richland. I am sure little hairless Lucy would love to see you. We will have to see whether her hair comes in and how Iris is doing before we can actually say one way or another whether we can make it. We missed last year with Clem in a delicate state. :)

  2. I wish it wasn’t so very far, but I love see the blog posts about the show and finding out how the Grandpups and cousins fared..

    I always chuckle about how happy we are when the poop isn’t stinky poop — yep! Our dogs s**t don’t smell.

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