I’ve been holding off on posting about my trip to Richland, mostly just to wait for pictures. Alas, no win photos in our mailbox today! So I will post the pictures taken by Tom and posted by Carolyn on the NWCF website. Huge thanks go to both of them, I know what a big effort it is to take and edit so many pics! Someday when I get Nash’s win pictures I will post those also.

So, the trip to Richland is not short from Denver. About 15 hours, in fact, and that’s with my radar detector and fairly leaded foot. :) I broke it into two days, knowing from experience (ahem, Houston and Gettysburg) that around 12 hours is difficult enough to do in a single day. It wasn’t too bad broken up like that but still not something I want to do frequently. But the show site in Richland is amazing and well worth the trip! Beautiful park right on the water, tons of grass and camping, huge old shade trees everywhere. It helped that the weather was overall pretty darned perfect, too. Oh, and Nash winning Best of Winners on Sunday for a 4 point major to finish his championship helped make at least THAT day of driving seem shorter. We thought it was 5 points in bitches, but it was 1 short so “only” 4 points. Thankfully, he only needed 3! LOL Big thanks and hugs to everyone for cheering us on and, well, just for making the weekend so much fun.

Miss Lizzie was entered in breed, also, and while I was hoping for a lucky select major it was not to be. She did make the cut in bitches on Sat and Sun, including showing pretty well for Jenn on Sunday while I was in the ring (something she doesn’t always do), so I’m happy overall.

My pretty, sweet girly on the table.

(left) Lizard in the ring with Jenn on Sunday

Nash's sister Lucy on the move! She was naked but it was great to see her again.

Nash on the move, you can see how thin his coat is LOL.

Pretty boy in WD on Sunday (in order half-bro Brewer in front, Nash, Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol)

Nash on the move again.