Who will be first?

Well we got some fun news and learned something yesterday…due to miscounting how to calculate Grand Championship points, Leslie and June actually got TWO GCh majors a couple of weeks ago in Tallahassee.  :)  So now she’s teetering on the edge of finishing that Grand Championship!  Nash is close too, but as he’s dropping hair all over my house it will probably be a while before he gets back out to look for those last few single points.


Number of Points 23
Number Major Wins 3
Number Major Judges 3
Total Number Judges 13
Events w/CH Defeated 4


Number of Points 20
Number Major Wins 4
Number Major Judges 4
Total Number Judges 8
Events w/CH Defeated 7


Number of Points 11
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 4
Events w/CH Defeated 2