I spy……another poop-colored dog?

Well, who's that?
Looks like Nash likes him
Looks like this kid likes him
Hmm, guess that kid likes him too
Did I mention that Nash likes him? (no puppies were harmed in this picture)

So…yeah.  That IS a puppy you see!  It’s Garrett’s puppy, not mine, but he’s going to grow up here for a little bit over the summer.  Meet “Decker” (or Dexter, the kids haven’t decided yet), who is 9.5? weeks I think.  He’s a HOOT!  This baby is a LOT of fun.  Let’s see,an hour after I picked him up he went to Charlie’s elementary school for pickup, where he was swarmed by kids… and he loved it.  Plopped him in the backyard with my 3 and he was totally un-phased, just started exploring.  Nash was VERY VERY VERY EXCITED at first but has figured out quickly how to play with such a little baby, it’s really been the cutest thing!  Brady is pretty excited too, for an old man, although he has long since used up his daily energy and is napping again.  Lizzie gives me a long-suffering look every time he jumps on her LOL, but she tolerates him quite well.  :)

Should be interesting!  He and Nash are STILL playing, I expected him to poop out quickly but umm, nope.  :)  Maybe that means he’ll sleep tonite.