Goings On

Not a whole lot going on here…Decker continues to charm the family, the end of school is fast approaching and there are about a zillion things surrounding that.  Charlie and I are taking a trip next week to visit my mom and sister/family, yay!  Nash has a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks, but I don’t know that enough GCh points will even be possible in order for him to finish…we will see.  Decker will be entered in a match at one of the shows, that should be fun!

It has been a lot of fun watching Nash and Decker.  Decker’s new nickname is “Mighty Mouse”, it just suits his personality.  He’s a lot of fun, but has also been learning quite a bit from Nash about how to properly worm your way into the hearts and minds of humans.  We have joked that we need to leash Nash out as a puppy raiser and flood the world with puppies raised with his sweet-as-pie (hehe) personality, because it seems to rub off.  Decker was and is sweet and playful in his own right but it’s awesome to watch him pick up body language and mannerisms from Nash.  And it is always interesting to watch pack dynamics…Brady occasionally will try to play or otherwise interact with Decker and Nash literally wants none of it.  He will place himself bodily in between Brady and the puppy, and tensions rise immediately with Nash very clearly saying, back the heck off and leave my puppy alone.  Nash is not face-on challenging Brady, he is always sideways and circling but very obviously in between.  Let’s face it…Brady has always owned the world (at least he thinks so) and can be an ass to others.  He’s never aggressive but he’s possessive and opinionated…as he’s nearly 14 now he mostly sleeps so it’s not much of an issue.  But Nash knows this well and won’t let Brady have much to do with the puppy at all.  Funny enough, it’s exactly the way that Lizzie is with Brady and Nash…she’s very protective of her son and if she thinks Brady is being anything but cordial, she is immediately there in the middle in the exact same way.  Brady always backs down, especially as Lizzie is the leader these days, and we never have fights or even gnashing teeth (knock on wood).  I usually separate them when tensions start to go up but it really is fascinating to watch.

I hope to have some more pics in a few days, but here are a few of Decker from life around the house.  Charlie adores him although she says she wishes he would “learn how to stop being so bitey already”.  :)

Sad puppy with new tape on ears.