Longmont CO shows

I entered Longmont, which is about 30 minutes north of me, before I realized that it was the same weekend I had already bought plane tickets to visit my family in Ohio. (did the same thing when I thought about driving to Fargo) Jessica to the rescue – she agreed to show Nash for me even though he’s still wearing his summer clothes. Thankfully, the maturity fairy has finally come to stay and even naked, Nash no longer looks like a teenager. :)

There was a small entry in Longmont with only a single GCh point possible each day. I was thrilled to hear that Nash was BOB both days over the other male special (who is quite nice himself), which brings his GCh total up to 22! Jessica reported that he showed well in group both days, but didn’t get any love except from ringside.

I’m excited about this coming weekend as well! Still not a large entry, but I plan to take Decker to the puppy match on Friday night, and am very much looking forward to visiting with friends. :)