Weekend Wrap-Up

Nash went with our friend Jessica Viera to the 4-day show cluster in Los Lunas, NM this weekend.  They make a great team and I needed to stay home to plan/throw an epic Harry Potter birthday party for a certain 8 year old girl (and 17 of her screaming friends), so I couldn’t go anyway.  Our house was quite quiet with Decker having gone back from Richland with Garrett, Lizzie still off in Oregon raising babies, and Nash away at a dog show…that left us with just Brady, the old man!  With him at 14.5 years old, it was basically like having no dogs at all.  LOL  Of course, filling the house with that many hyper kids definitely made up for it <grin>.

Nash having turned 3 over the summer, he is approaching maturity and hitting his stride in the ring.  He and Jessica have learned how to work well together and despite him being somewhat of a mama’s boy, he now shows better with her than he does with me.  (bittersweet!)  Regardless of seeing this, and regardless of his nice Select Dog win and attention a couple of weeks ago in Richland, I was still more than a little bit floored when I got the news Friday night that he had taken a HERDING GROUP 1 placement in Los Lunas.  !!!  What. A. Cool. Feeling.  :)  I’ve never owned a dog who has gotten a group placement before, let alone winning the group, well…I guess that’s one way to start!

Obviously, I’m quite proud of him and Jessica.  I think they make a very pretty picture together and it’s fun to see them fulfilling the dreams I’ve had for Nash, and more!  Total weekend results, with a large Cardi entry of 18-19 each day and several other specials:

Thursday: Select Dog

Friday: Best of Breed and Group 1

Saturday: Best of Breed and Group 4

Sunday: Best of Breed (and pull in group)

Informal picture of his group win on Friday. Official picture to follow!