Show Wrap-Up

So, our wonderful boy Nash is out in the Pacific Northwest this year with our good friend Dixie Rae, learning to be a show dog on a whole new level!  Dixie has been a friend and mentor ever since she agreed to send us our Lizzie, who she bred…through the selection of the stud for Lizzie’s first litter (with Pilot)…and onward.  We’ve been delighted to see her hard work with Nash’s sire Pilot pay off in some very lovely wins and rankings over the past several years, and were excited when we started talking about Nash giving it a shot after Pilot went home to “retire”.  That time is here, and despite the complaints about the spoiled dog that I sent to her <grin>, they are starting to get their feet wet in the ring together.

At the 3-day Western Washington cluster last weekend, Nash started out winning 2 BOB, 1 Select Dog, and a Group 4 under respected judge James Reynolds.  At the very large 4-day shows in Portland, he continued with some nice wins over very strong competition, finishing with 2 BOB, 1 Select Dog, and a pull in an extremely strong herding group.

I promise I’ll try not to be a total fangirl every time that Nash places well, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s exciting to watch and be a part of!  He’s our Very Favorite Dog and it was a hard decision to send him far away…thank goodness that we know how well he’ll be taken care of with Dixie.

In the meantime, to keep us busy we have Nash’s half-sister Violet here and need to get her trained!  Vi has gone to her first 2 puppy matches for practice and has gotten a group 2 each time (with plenty of competition).  Thrilled about that, but even more so that she settled pretty quickly into the “routine” at a dog show…the first day I think her brain blew up, she was so stimulated by everything there!  Dogs, puppies, noises, people, oh my!  LOL  She did great, but I could tell she just didn’t know quite what to think of it all.  The second weekend she did MUCH better and showed in the ring almost like I had actually trained her.  Much less distracted by all that was going on, more relaxed, and as usual…very very cute.  :)  I think she’s going to cute the judges to death even when she’s fully grown.