Yesterday brought puppies!  Jessica had been closely monitoring Lexi because on her previous two litters she whelped early.  We all started to worry on Friday (her actual due date) because she still wasn’t showing any signs of labor, but a trip to the repro vet to check fetal heartbeats showed them all strong.  So we waited, hoping she would go into labor on Friday night, and around 9 she did start nesting and being restless, but after a short time she…fell asleep.  And was calm and sleeping normally all night and into the morning.

So in the morning, we decided to do a c-section.  Once we got to the emergency vet clinic (attached to the repro vet we have been using), a monitor of fetal heartbeats again showed at least one in distress, so they got the babies out as quickly as they could.  I’m grateful to report that we have FIVE healthy brindle BOYS!  Yep, all boys!  We’ve kept checking to make sure we didn’t misidentify one, but nope.  :)  The only bad news is that two of the boys, even though not premature, are quite tiny.  Jessica is keeping an extra close eye on them and they are both very vigorous, so we’re hopeful that they will catch up.

Mama Lexi is recovering and cleaning & feeding babies.  Good thoughts for them all as they grow through this crucial first week.  Names, weights, and collar colors will be forthcoming, but in the meantime here are some pictures from yesterday!

First 2 to come around after the section
The teeniest little guy. Jessica calls him "Tiny Tim" for now...wee guy but hopefully a fighter!
4 boys except Tiny Tim (who we kept in the warmer more)
Handsome guy! This is a larger puppy, around 10 oz.
At the milk bar...Tiny Tim at the bottom.