Puppy Update

Babies are now 2 weeks old!  I’ve been thinking of putting pictures here, but then I realized it might be FAR easier to direct people to Jessica’s Facebook page instead…simply go here and “like” her page, and you will see puppy photos galore!  https://www.facebook.com/GrandiosePointers

Since my last blog post, we unfortunately lost the teeny tiniest boy, Tiny Tim/Brownie.  He lived for several days and even started gaining some weight, but despite Jessica’s very diligent efforts, he just didn’t make it.  :(  However, the other smaller boy, now known as Mr. Blue, is thriving and nearly the size of his larger littermates.  The remaining 4 boys are all doing very well!  Growing, eyes are just opening, all very active and eating well.  I visited last weekend with my kids, so fun to see them!  I can’t wait to watch them grow.