Puppy visit!

There are photos all over Facebook, so again if you haven’t already I encourage you to go “Like” Jessica’s kennel page, Grandiose.

Last night Jessica and Brian drove up for dinner and to let the babies play in my backyard.  Fun field trip!  They are 5 weeks old now and really, 5-6-7 weeks is my absolute FAVORITE age so I was extra thrilled to be able to see them.  Hopping, running, bouncing at each other, playing, eating grass, exploring.  We had some visitors come as well, a prospective pet home, so the babies sure had their share of passing around.  I’m totally and completely biased, but what a wonderfully fun group of kids we have here.

Their personalities are really starting to come out!  Mr Purple, otherwise known as Derple, is the flower child.  Happy, bouncy, lovey, and quite silly.  He has a very sweet, soft, open face…he just always looks happy, no matter what he’s doing.  Mr Orange, who Jessica has started calling “Tangey” (like tangerine), is smart, independent and exploring.  He loves to cuddle too, but will throw a fit if it’s not currently on his agenda LOL.  He’s also very playful with the other boys (really, all of them are).  Mr Green is the lover.  He’d rather not walk if he can be carried, and will spend the longest amount of time cuddling and/or sleeping with someone.  And Mr Blue is just FUN!  Happy, playful, and lovey, he’s a doll of a puppy.

Can’t wait to see them grow some more!