Puppy Update and SQUEEEEE! It’s almost time for Westminster!

I had the chance to travel to Portland to visit puppies last weekend!  The cuties are just over 8 weeks old so it was the perfect age to take a look and see what we thought of them.  What a handsome/pretty group!  All of consistently good quality…I am pleased.  Bobby (now Wally) came back with me on the plane in order to meet his new family here.  If he looks nice as he grows, then I will co-own him with them and show him.  Cindy is going to be an LA gal and her new family is going to pick her up in a little over a week.  Marcia, well we aren’t sure yet where Marcia may go.  There are a couple of possibilities, so we will see how that sorts itself out over the next few weeks.  Updates on them can now be found on the Litter Page.

While I was there, Junie’s new family came to pick her up!  It seems like she is fitting in very well with them so far, so fingers crossed that it’s a permanent match.

On Friday I fly out to NYC for Westminster!  And some sightseeing, of course.  I can’t wait!