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I’ve been holding off on posting about my trip to Richland, mostly just to wait for pictures. Alas, no win photos in our mailbox today! So I will post the pictures taken by Tom and posted by Carolyn on the NWCF website. Huge thanks go to both of them, I know what a big effort it is to take and edit so many pics! Someday when I get Nash’s win pictures I will post those also.

So, the trip to Richland is not short from Denver. About 15 hours, in fact, and that’s with my radar detector and fairly leaded foot. :) I broke it into two days, knowing from experience (ahem, Houston and Gettysburg) that around 12 hours is difficult enough to do in a single day. It wasn’t too bad broken up like that but still not something I want to do frequently. But the show site in Richland is amazing and well worth the trip! Beautiful park right on the water, tons of grass and camping, huge old shade trees everywhere. It helped that the weather was overall pretty darned perfect, too. Oh, and Nash winning Best of Winners on Sunday for a 4 point major to finish his championship helped make at least THAT day of driving seem shorter. We thought it was 5 points in bitches, but it was 1 short so “only” 4 points. Thankfully, he only needed 3! LOL Big thanks and hugs to everyone for cheering us on and, well, just for making the weekend so much fun.

Miss Lizzie was entered in breed, also, and while I was hoping for a lucky select major it was not to be. She did make the cut in bitches on Sat and Sun, including showing pretty well for Jenn on Sunday while I was in the ring (something she doesn’t always do), so I’m happy overall.

My pretty, sweet girly on the table.

(left) Lizard in the ring with Jenn on Sunday

Nash's sister Lucy on the move! She was naked but it was great to see her again.

Nash on the move, you can see how thin his coat is LOL.

Pretty boy in WD on Sunday (in order half-bro Brewer in front, Nash, Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol)

Nash on the move again.

Richland here we come?

Well, I missed a dog show this morning.  I had only entered Nash one day in Greeley, because yesterday was Jack’s 4th birthday and I sort of felt like a heel when thinking about entering/going to a dog show when I should be celebrating with him.  :)  I was excited when Greeley pulled majors!  But the 8 am ring time today, 1.5 hour drive to get there, when coupled with an extremely bad night of sleep, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to go.  Us dog people do crazy stuff all the time for shows, but I *actually* had the thought this morning that with how tired I was, it was clearly dangerous to think about driving, by myself, in the dark morning.  So I slept until 10 instead.

That leaves Nash still needing that last major.  If the hair holds, I think I’ll plan a different crazy trip to Richland.  It seems like it would be a beautiful time of year to drive through that part of the country, it’s a Cardigan specialty, and it would allow me to see and mingle with some of my favorite people.  And maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get the last major this year after all…if not, we’ll be on the hunt again.

On a different note, we are now on week 3 of me switching the dogs to a completely raw diet.  So far so good!  My backyard smells better by a long mile…poop is less stinky and there isn’t as much of it.  And the dogs seem to look great.  For now, because I’m lazy and my dogs bolt their food even including whole pieces of chicken, I am using Bravo frozen raw diet.  Thankfully I found a great local store that carries it, and it comes in 2-lb chubs which is perfect right now to feed my 3….Nash, who still eats like an adolescent, gets about 1 lb of it, and Lizzie and Brady each get about 1/2 lb.  I add Missing Link, a dash of oil, and occasionally a handful of frozen veggies because they like ’em.  It has been easy and isn’t much more expensive than what I was paying for 2 bags of premium kibble per month.

Win photo

Well…silly people who move across country should be sure to remember to update their address when they enter shows.  :)  Nash’s show photo from Eagle a few weeks ago was mailed to my old address in AL…thankfully, my sister-in-law and her family are the people who bought the house from us, and she has been helping us in many ways.  So I finally got it!  And I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m NOT pleased, however, with my scanner that seems to be scanning everything in very blown-out and oversaturated.  I fixed it as best I could but am still not happy with the color/saturation.

I also had a nice update from Vegas’ owner Joyce.  Vegas was BOB 2 days last weekend to add on some more single points and leave him at “the dreaded” 14.  He has both of his majors so is just searching for a single now…here’s hoping he finds it soon!  She also let me know that at his most recent yearly checkup/bloodwork, he tested very low positive for Lyme disease.  :(  He shows no symptoms and we are all hoping it stays that way, but if anyone has any advice for Joyce regarding Lyme that I could pass on I’d appreciate it.

Weekend report

Back from a glorious couple of days in Eagle, CO!  Yes, Nash did some winning, but truly the weather and scenery made the trip worthwhile anyway.  I might complain about the distance to dog shows out here, but at least I’m sometimes rewarded with ones that aren’t too far (2 hours drive) and have some redeeming qualities.  :)  Eagle is a nice little show!  There were 2 points in girls, 1 in boys, and 2 specials entered.  Turns out one of the specials is off on a date, so he was absent all weekend.  The other special was cousin Holmes, and he brought naughty Nola with him too, so it was nice to get to see and meet both of them!

The brags on my side are that Nash was Best of Breed yesterday for 2 points, and Best of Winners today for another single point.  That puts him squarely minored out at 12 points with 1 major…so I guess I know what we get to do next.  :)  We’ll be hunting for that last major this fall.  I did get a photo yesterday so fingers crossed that it turned out well.

Whew, I’m back!

I know, I know…I’ve been totally MIA from my blog for a loooooong time. In my defense, we WERE moving across the country. It took me a while to find all my camera gear so I could even take pictures to share! We’ve been very caught up in moving, doing fun things with the kiddos, and settling into our new city. :) I finally feel somewhat back to normal, located my dog washing/grooming stuff so I could clean up my Very Dirty Dogs, and found some time to spruce them all up!

Nash and the rest of the Charm litter celebrated their 2nd birthdays not quite 2 weeks ago! Happiest of birthdays to all of the sweet babies…and if any owners are reading this and would like to send me an update on your Charm puppy and/or pictures, I’d love it! I do keep up with most of them when I can but updates are always welcomed. :) On a sad note, many of you know that we lost a sister recently, Echo…she’s been in my thoughts a lot lately, and many hugs to her other owners. We think that Echo had a lingering issue from when a thief let Mandy’s dogs out of her yard and Echo was hit by a car…she seemed ok at the time but her sudden loss a few months later is consistent with a hidden injury from trauma.

On a very BRIGHT note, other sister Lucy is now Ch* Allegro Turn on the Charm!! (*AKC pending) I’m so proud of how this little girl grew up, and thankful to her owners for showing her to her CH. I’ll let her owners do the bragging on her here:

And birthdays and baths always make me think about taking some photos of my own Charm puppy, Nash.  These puppies have been sloooooow to grow up, but I’m quite pleased as they approach full maturity with how several of them are coming together, Nash included.  He’s a perfectly-sized (IMO) 35 pound boy, and extremely agile and fun.  I think he’s rather pretty, too, although we’re getting very rusty on the whole show-stacking thing…need to work on that, as I hope to take him out again soon to finish that CH!  He has 9 points and a major from the puppy classes.  I apologize that the pictures aren’t that crisp, I was using a timer since Dave is at work today.  :)

Free-stacking front...we were getting very hot by this point so I only snapped a couple front pics!

Junie B

I wanted to share the photo Leslie just received from June’s Select Bitch win at Nashville a couple weeks ago…not a bad photo of the girl.  Not a perfect stack, but hair makes a big difference!  Unfortunately, I’ve heard that she has now started to drop her lovely coat again… just in time for Nationals.  This win for June was just shy of a major, boo!  Way to go Leslie!  :)

Nash was RWD the day before, but we only showed one day.  With all the stuff to get ready for moving I’ve hardly had time to enter any shows…his CH will very likely just have to wait until after we are in Colorado.  He has decided to nekkid himself as well.  In fact the only dog in my house with hair so far is (knock on wood) Lizzie!  I plan to show her in breed at Nationals this year, which will be the first time since she was a puppy that she’ll actually have hair for that show LOL.  Nash is entered in Bred-By but I’m wondering what I can do to help him manufacture hair in the next week.

Move plans are coming along.  We have figured out where the kids will be going to school/preschool next year, which is a huge weight off of my mind!  Our move is being scheduled for the last week of May.  It is looking likely that our Alabama house will not have sold before we move, which is a bummer, but we really need to go ahead and get out there so that the kids can get settled before regular school starts.  We still need to sell so many things, that is my next project…clearing out the house!

Updates and things

Happy Holidays to everyone!  We’ve been VERY busy here…I went back to work more full-time in October and with Christmas shopping etc, it’s been a little crazy!  I love Christmas though, and it’s been fun this year trying to come up with great gifts for the kids and family.  Probably the best idea we’ve had came from Dave, for our 3 year old Jack:

2010 Hess Truck with motion-activated Jet

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a HUGE HIT with Jack LOL.  He loves cars AND planes, and I can so see him zooming around with it.  Can’t wait!

In dog news, I haven’t posted an official congratulations yet to Leslie Reed!  I keep meaning to.  Miss Junie B finished her AKC Championship in November at our local shows…and I was there to see it!  The delight on Leslie’s face was just so good to see.  That makes Junebug the first champion to be bred here at Allegro, formally known as AKC/UKC Ch Allegro Celestial Charm.  I think they’re out working on trying to grab a few more Grand Ch points this weekend in Jackson MS…good luck girls.

Leslie also got DNA results back that June is fluff-free.  Nash is also fluff-free, and Piper is a carrier.  I plan to have Nash’s hips x-rayed soon for Penn-Hip…I’d like to start him in agility next year and would like a baseline x-ray for that anyway.

And Lizard is due in season any day now!  I guess I should go ahead and revisit and finalize that stud choice, huh.  😀

Random show photos

I hate posting without photos , so had been waiting to hopefully see some pictures and maybe even Miss Junie’s win photo before I posted! Well, no win photo has arrived at Leslie’s house yet so that post will have to wait, but I did get some pictures of her brother Nash from the Priceville show, taken by Norman’s owner Carol. :) Thank you Carol!! These pictures are all from Sunday…the day Nash didn’t win. LOL! Oh well, I think he still looked handsome, ifIdon’tsaysomyself.

Handsome boy! Waiting his turn outside the ring.
Nash's "dark side"

Crazy Dog Show People

Yep, that’s me.

I leave this afternoon for a show in Knoxville TN.  I get to see Uncle Chase again (haven’t seen him since he was 9 months old), and my mom is driving down from Ohio and showing her chihuahuas.  That means that Charlie is going with me too, yay!  She’s such fun these days, and I’m really looking forward to having a “girls weekend” with her and my mom.  I had entered both Nash and Lizzie, but Lizard has decided to shed every last hair so she’s going to stay home.  If she follows her shedding schedule from last time, that means she *should* be coming into season as expected towards the end of December.  You know, right when it’s most convenient to arrange a breeding.  😉  I’m bummed that these shows didn’t pull majors, but there are 2 points available both days.

Next weekend is my local shows.  A solid entry, but only 1 point available each day…our point schedule has gone up so much that it takes a sizable entry just to make 2 points.  I plan to make some lunch on Saturday to share, so if you’re planning to be there keep that in mind!

The weekend after that, I have entered the supported entry in Concord NC.  I’m not 100% sure yet that I’ll be able to go, honestly it depends on how work is going.  On that note…I’ve gone back to work again.  I work as a contractor, so my jobs are very dependent on people signing contracts.  We had a lull over the summer and early fall, waiting for people to work around their budgets etc, and now I’m finally busy again.  It’s great to be working again!  I didn’t want to miss out on the NC shows in case I can manage to go (without my husband killing me for 3 weekends in a row…), so I entered Nash just in case.  Hopefully it will all work out, and hopefully it will pull majors!  :)

Edit:  Just checked the breed counts for NC…no majors!  :(  Lots of specials entered, but only 3-8 in the classes which is 1 point in boys and 2 in girls.  Le sigh.

Pupdate – Vegas, and Paws It Forward

I realized a ways back that I have never posted this win photo of Vegas that Joyce so kindly sent to me!  Still obviously has a lot of growing up to do, but MAN am I jealous of that gorgeous coat and color!  LOL  From all reports, Vegas is a big lovable goofball (I wouldn’t expect anything else!).  He is about halfway to his championship with 8 points and one major…hopefully he can finish it up next year after he grows up some more.  One thing that struck me about this picture…he and Nash look a lot alike in the head especially!

We also got a Paws it Forward package from the Fwuffy Biscuit Boy!  Man, the dogs enjoyed opening this one LOL.  Brady immediately snagged the tastiest chewie for himself, naturally, but everyone has been enjoying the tasty treats.  Thanks Biscuit!  If there are two other people who would love to participate in Paws it Forward, just leave me a comment!