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The Nationals post

What a fun week! I headed down to Tucson AZ with Dixie, Nash, Lizzie, and Violet in tow (along with JR the papillon). Dixie and Nash flew into Denver to make things a bit easier and give me someone to travel with, and I was oh so grateful to have the companionship! Dave and the kids enjoyed being able to spend a bit of time with Nash, as well.

This was Baby Vi’s first dog show, although she has been to a couple of fun matches. A little overwhelming for her at times but she did pretty well hanging in there and I was again grateful to Dixie for showing her for me. I desperately wanted to show her myself, but Violet loved Dixie and she did a great job making sure that the little girl’s head stayed in the ring. Overall I think it was a WONDERFUL experience for Vi and am looking forward to getting her out myself! I was very pleased when she was awarded a 4th place in her large sweepstakes class, and made the cut to top 7 in her regular class.

Nash arrived in his skivvies! He is in fantastic shape though and his more recent maturity (love those slow growing lines) helped him still look pretty good. He and Dixie made the first 2 cuts in the brindle male class in the Megan competition, to the top 6, and the first 2 cuts in BOB as well. No ribbon for him this year but it was fun to see the great team that he and Dixie are starting to make.

Not to be completely left out, Lizzie was entered in Brood Bitch only and was awarded 4th with Violet and Nash standing behind her. I didn’t enter her in the Megan or in breed because she is usually naked…naturally, she has a lovely coat this year LOL. Oh well!

Some lovely photos taken by our good friend Jessica Viera and/or her husband Brian.  Many thanks to them!!

Nash on the table in the Megan competition

Vi looking up at Aunt Dixie
Baby girl on the move
Violet (right) and her brother Tenny
Pretty Girl
7 months old

Show Wrap-Up

So, our wonderful boy Nash is out in the Pacific Northwest this year with our good friend Dixie Rae, learning to be a show dog on a whole new level!  Dixie has been a friend and mentor ever since she agreed to send us our Lizzie, who she bred…through the selection of the stud for Lizzie’s first litter (with Pilot)…and onward.  We’ve been delighted to see her hard work with Nash’s sire Pilot pay off in some very lovely wins and rankings over the past several years, and were excited when we started talking about Nash giving it a shot after Pilot went home to “retire”.  That time is here, and despite the complaints about the spoiled dog that I sent to her <grin>, they are starting to get their feet wet in the ring together.

At the 3-day Western Washington cluster last weekend, Nash started out winning 2 BOB, 1 Select Dog, and a Group 4 under respected judge James Reynolds.  At the very large 4-day shows in Portland, he continued with some nice wins over very strong competition, finishing with 2 BOB, 1 Select Dog, and a pull in an extremely strong herding group.

I promise I’ll try not to be a total fangirl every time that Nash places well, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s exciting to watch and be a part of!  He’s our Very Favorite Dog and it was a hard decision to send him far away…thank goodness that we know how well he’ll be taken care of with Dixie.

In the meantime, to keep us busy we have Nash’s half-sister Violet here and need to get her trained!  Vi has gone to her first 2 puppy matches for practice and has gotten a group 2 each time (with plenty of competition).  Thrilled about that, but even more so that she settled pretty quickly into the “routine” at a dog show…the first day I think her brain blew up, she was so stimulated by everything there!  Dogs, puppies, noises, people, oh my!  LOL  She did great, but I could tell she just didn’t know quite what to think of it all.  The second weekend she did MUCH better and showed in the ring almost like I had actually trained her.  Much less distracted by all that was going on, more relaxed, and as usual…very very cute.  :)  I think she’s going to cute the judges to death even when she’s fully grown.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Nash went with our friend Jessica Viera to the 4-day show cluster in Los Lunas, NM this weekend.  They make a great team and I needed to stay home to plan/throw an epic Harry Potter birthday party for a certain 8 year old girl (and 17 of her screaming friends), so I couldn’t go anyway.  Our house was quite quiet with Decker having gone back from Richland with Garrett, Lizzie still off in Oregon raising babies, and Nash away at a dog show…that left us with just Brady, the old man!  With him at 14.5 years old, it was basically like having no dogs at all.  LOL  Of course, filling the house with that many hyper kids definitely made up for it <grin>.

Nash having turned 3 over the summer, he is approaching maturity and hitting his stride in the ring.  He and Jessica have learned how to work well together and despite him being somewhat of a mama’s boy, he now shows better with her than he does with me.  (bittersweet!)  Regardless of seeing this, and regardless of his nice Select Dog win and attention a couple of weeks ago in Richland, I was still more than a little bit floored when I got the news Friday night that he had taken a HERDING GROUP 1 placement in Los Lunas.  !!!  What. A. Cool. Feeling.  :)  I’ve never owned a dog who has gotten a group placement before, let alone winning the group, well…I guess that’s one way to start!

Obviously, I’m quite proud of him and Jessica.  I think they make a very pretty picture together and it’s fun to see them fulfilling the dreams I’ve had for Nash, and more!  Total weekend results, with a large Cardi entry of 18-19 each day and several other specials:

Thursday: Select Dog

Friday: Best of Breed and Group 1

Saturday: Best of Breed and Group 4

Sunday: Best of Breed (and pull in group)

Informal picture of his group win on Friday. Official picture to follow!


Cardigans are usually evaluated for show quality at 8 weeks of age. Of course, I know that when I had my own litter here, I had many opinions already about them by the time they hit 8 weeks, but I know plenty of breeders who barely look at the puppies in that frame of mine until that age. So I can say with some assurance that at least in the case of the litter we bred, it seems to have been very true…but it also took a long time to come back to it!

Nash at 8 weeks
Nash at 3 years

Pictures from OKC

Some photos of Nash in the ring at the supported entry on Saturday when he was awarded Select Dog. Huge thanks to Jessica for getting these for me! I love show photos.

Winners line-up

Who will be first?

Well we got some fun news and learned something yesterday…due to miscounting how to calculate Grand Championship points, Leslie and June actually got TWO GCh majors a couple of weeks ago in Tallahassee.  :)  So now she’s teetering on the edge of finishing that Grand Championship!  Nash is close too, but as he’s dropping hair all over my house it will probably be a while before he gets back out to look for those last few single points.


Number of Points 23
Number Major Wins 3
Number Major Judges 3
Total Number Judges 13
Events w/CH Defeated 4


Number of Points 20
Number Major Wins 4
Number Major Judges 4
Total Number Judges 8
Events w/CH Defeated 7


Number of Points 11
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 4
Events w/CH Defeated 2

Good weekend!

Well, I did it for the first time…I sent one of my dogs out to be shown by someone else.  :)  Nash went with Jessica Viera to Hobbs, NM this past weekend in hopes of picking up some GCh points.  The entry in Hobbs was actually quite large, 27 overall and included several specials.  I’m happy to report that Nash was Select Dog on Saturday for 2 GCh points and Best of Breed on Sunday for a 5 point GCh major, under James Frederickson!  That puts him up to I think 10 grand champion points.

Nash Best of Breed

Sister Junie B was showing in Atlanta and picked up a few more GCh points as well.  Way to go Leslie!


I’ve been holding off on posting about my trip to Richland, mostly just to wait for pictures. Alas, no win photos in our mailbox today! So I will post the pictures taken by Tom and posted by Carolyn on the NWCF website. Huge thanks go to both of them, I know what a big effort it is to take and edit so many pics! Someday when I get Nash’s win pictures I will post those also.

So, the trip to Richland is not short from Denver. About 15 hours, in fact, and that’s with my radar detector and fairly leaded foot. :) I broke it into two days, knowing from experience (ahem, Houston and Gettysburg) that around 12 hours is difficult enough to do in a single day. It wasn’t too bad broken up like that but still not something I want to do frequently. But the show site in Richland is amazing and well worth the trip! Beautiful park right on the water, tons of grass and camping, huge old shade trees everywhere. It helped that the weather was overall pretty darned perfect, too. Oh, and Nash winning Best of Winners on Sunday for a 4 point major to finish his championship helped make at least THAT day of driving seem shorter. We thought it was 5 points in bitches, but it was 1 short so “only” 4 points. Thankfully, he only needed 3! LOL Big thanks and hugs to everyone for cheering us on and, well, just for making the weekend so much fun.

Miss Lizzie was entered in breed, also, and while I was hoping for a lucky select major it was not to be. She did make the cut in bitches on Sat and Sun, including showing pretty well for Jenn on Sunday while I was in the ring (something she doesn’t always do), so I’m happy overall.

My pretty, sweet girly on the table.

(left) Lizard in the ring with Jenn on Sunday

Nash's sister Lucy on the move! She was naked but it was great to see her again.

Nash on the move, you can see how thin his coat is LOL.

Pretty boy in WD on Sunday (in order half-bro Brewer in front, Nash, Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol)

Nash on the move again.

Richland here we come?

Well, I missed a dog show this morning.  I had only entered Nash one day in Greeley, because yesterday was Jack’s 4th birthday and I sort of felt like a heel when thinking about entering/going to a dog show when I should be celebrating with him.  :)  I was excited when Greeley pulled majors!  But the 8 am ring time today, 1.5 hour drive to get there, when coupled with an extremely bad night of sleep, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to go.  Us dog people do crazy stuff all the time for shows, but I *actually* had the thought this morning that with how tired I was, it was clearly dangerous to think about driving, by myself, in the dark morning.  So I slept until 10 instead.

That leaves Nash still needing that last major.  If the hair holds, I think I’ll plan a different crazy trip to Richland.  It seems like it would be a beautiful time of year to drive through that part of the country, it’s a Cardigan specialty, and it would allow me to see and mingle with some of my favorite people.  And maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get the last major this year after all…if not, we’ll be on the hunt again.

On a different note, we are now on week 3 of me switching the dogs to a completely raw diet.  So far so good!  My backyard smells better by a long mile…poop is less stinky and there isn’t as much of it.  And the dogs seem to look great.  For now, because I’m lazy and my dogs bolt their food even including whole pieces of chicken, I am using Bravo frozen raw diet.  Thankfully I found a great local store that carries it, and it comes in 2-lb chubs which is perfect right now to feed my 3….Nash, who still eats like an adolescent, gets about 1 lb of it, and Lizzie and Brady each get about 1/2 lb.  I add Missing Link, a dash of oil, and occasionally a handful of frozen veggies because they like ’em.  It has been easy and isn’t much more expensive than what I was paying for 2 bags of premium kibble per month.

Win photo

Well…silly people who move across country should be sure to remember to update their address when they enter shows.  :)  Nash’s show photo from Eagle a few weeks ago was mailed to my old address in AL…thankfully, my sister-in-law and her family are the people who bought the house from us, and she has been helping us in many ways.  So I finally got it!  And I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m NOT pleased, however, with my scanner that seems to be scanning everything in very blown-out and oversaturated.  I fixed it as best I could but am still not happy with the color/saturation.

I also had a nice update from Vegas’ owner Joyce.  Vegas was BOB 2 days last weekend to add on some more single points and leave him at “the dreaded” 14.  He has both of his majors so is just searching for a single now…here’s hoping he finds it soon!  She also let me know that at his most recent yearly checkup/bloodwork, he tested very low positive for Lyme disease.  :(  He shows no symptoms and we are all hoping it stays that way, but if anyone has any advice for Joyce regarding Lyme that I could pass on I’d appreciate it.