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The collar’s the thing

Brady is our first dog…we got him a few months after we got married, and moved to Denver soon after that.  Being a pet, he naturally wore a collar at all times.  He was also a very energetic and playful puppy, and when we were in Ohio we lived in an apartment complex he had many “doggie friends” that we would arrange playdates with LOL.  So after a bit we decided to get another Cardi to keep him company, and Molly entered the scene…a pretty little tri girl from Carolyn at C-Myste.  They would wrestle pretty endlessly, sometimes loudly, but one time…very scarily.  You see, Brady’s teeth got caught on Molly’s collar.  He panicked, she panicked, we did eventually get them apart but not before Dave got bit accidentally.  Thankfully, they were both OK, but collar accidents are real and from that point on I swore off of collars altogether except for trips.  Naturally most show dogs don’t wear collars anyway because we’re trying to keep their fur looking nice.

Fast forward to when we moved BACK to Denver, and Nash gets lost for most of a day.  We’re living in a densely packed neighborhood, and a loose dog is most likely to either get hit by a car, or picked up by someone else.  If they end up at a vet or shelter, then the microchip will be handy, but a random person picking them up has no way of locating their owners without collar/tag.  In Nash’s case, he was picked up by people and wasn’t that far away but things would have likely been so much easier if he had a collar with a name/phone number.  It would have saved us time and much worry.  So…we are now a collar house again.  I found these cool tags:

They slide right onto the collar so don’t dangle/jingle or discolor the fur.  They also fit onto rolled leather collars, by sliding on near the buckle (so collar has to be big enough that you don’t need to use the two tightest holes).  Up at the Eagle shows I found some nice rolled leather collars that came in different colors, so I got pink, tan, and red.  Now hopefully…if anyone ever happens to get lost again, they can be found quickly.

As a quick aside, sweet Nash will no longer step foot off our front porch unless we’re going for a walk.  We hang out on there and will let the dogs go in/out as long as we are there to watch them…the porch entry is from the side so it’s actually a really nice little area.  Nash used to occasionally go to the foot of the stairs to look at things, but now even if his toy falls down the stairs he won’t go down them.  I guess he doesn’t want to take a chance at being lost again.

Weekend report

Back from a glorious couple of days in Eagle, CO!  Yes, Nash did some winning, but truly the weather and scenery made the trip worthwhile anyway.  I might complain about the distance to dog shows out here, but at least I’m sometimes rewarded with ones that aren’t too far (2 hours drive) and have some redeeming qualities.  :)  Eagle is a nice little show!  There were 2 points in girls, 1 in boys, and 2 specials entered.  Turns out one of the specials is off on a date, so he was absent all weekend.  The other special was cousin Holmes, and he brought naughty Nola with him too, so it was nice to get to see and meet both of them!

The brags on my side are that Nash was Best of Breed yesterday for 2 points, and Best of Winners today for another single point.  That puts him squarely minored out at 12 points with 1 major…so I guess I know what we get to do next.  :)  We’ll be hunting for that last major this fall.  I did get a photo yesterday so fingers crossed that it turned out well.

Whew, I’m back!

I know, I know…I’ve been totally MIA from my blog for a loooooong time. In my defense, we WERE moving across the country. It took me a while to find all my camera gear so I could even take pictures to share! We’ve been very caught up in moving, doing fun things with the kiddos, and settling into our new city. :) I finally feel somewhat back to normal, located my dog washing/grooming stuff so I could clean up my Very Dirty Dogs, and found some time to spruce them all up!

Nash and the rest of the Charm litter celebrated their 2nd birthdays not quite 2 weeks ago! Happiest of birthdays to all of the sweet babies…and if any owners are reading this and would like to send me an update on your Charm puppy and/or pictures, I’d love it! I do keep up with most of them when I can but updates are always welcomed. :) On a sad note, many of you know that we lost a sister recently, Echo…she’s been in my thoughts a lot lately, and many hugs to her other owners. We think that Echo had a lingering issue from when a thief let Mandy’s dogs out of her yard and Echo was hit by a car…she seemed ok at the time but her sudden loss a few months later is consistent with a hidden injury from trauma.

On a very BRIGHT note, other sister Lucy is now Ch* Allegro Turn on the Charm!! (*AKC pending) I’m so proud of how this little girl grew up, and thankful to her owners for showing her to her CH. I’ll let her owners do the bragging on her here:

And birthdays and baths always make me think about taking some photos of my own Charm puppy, Nash.  These puppies have been sloooooow to grow up, but I’m quite pleased as they approach full maturity with how several of them are coming together, Nash included.  He’s a perfectly-sized (IMO) 35 pound boy, and extremely agile and fun.  I think he’s rather pretty, too, although we’re getting very rusty on the whole show-stacking thing…need to work on that, as I hope to take him out again soon to finish that CH!  He has 9 points and a major from the puppy classes.  I apologize that the pictures aren’t that crisp, I was using a timer since Dave is at work today.  :)

Free-stacking front...we were getting very hot by this point so I only snapped a couple front pics!

No, I’m not dead

Just immersed in a busy, busy hell of sorts.  :)  I’ll post more updates later this week!  Unfortunately I was so sad to miss the puppy party yesterday at Janet’s house!

For today, though, we actually had a day to just enjoy.  Beautiful weather…65 & sunny.  A reminder that spring here will come early (as does summer) and be wonderous.  Also, sneezy.  :)    We were playing in the front yard with the kids and since Nash is a great listener, he got to come out and hang out with us.  So proud and happy with who this puppy is becoming as he grows up!

Future soccer star?
Handsome, very dirty boy. And he had a bath this morning before rolling around in the grass!
Happy boy
I included this just because I couldn't believe how much dead grass he picked up LOL. Also, he loves Dave ;-).
Playing fetch with Charlie
See? Handsome.
His flashy side.

Updates and things

Happy Holidays to everyone!  We’ve been VERY busy here…I went back to work more full-time in October and with Christmas shopping etc, it’s been a little crazy!  I love Christmas though, and it’s been fun this year trying to come up with great gifts for the kids and family.  Probably the best idea we’ve had came from Dave, for our 3 year old Jack:

2010 Hess Truck with motion-activated Jet

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a HUGE HIT with Jack LOL.  He loves cars AND planes, and I can so see him zooming around with it.  Can’t wait!

In dog news, I haven’t posted an official congratulations yet to Leslie Reed!  I keep meaning to.  Miss Junie B finished her AKC Championship in November at our local shows…and I was there to see it!  The delight on Leslie’s face was just so good to see.  That makes Junebug the first champion to be bred here at Allegro, formally known as AKC/UKC Ch Allegro Celestial Charm.  I think they’re out working on trying to grab a few more Grand Ch points this weekend in Jackson MS…good luck girls.

Leslie also got DNA results back that June is fluff-free.  Nash is also fluff-free, and Piper is a carrier.  I plan to have Nash’s hips x-rayed soon for Penn-Hip…I’d like to start him in agility next year and would like a baseline x-ray for that anyway.

And Lizard is due in season any day now!  I guess I should go ahead and revisit and finalize that stud choice, huh.  😀

Random show photos

I hate posting without photos , so had been waiting to hopefully see some pictures and maybe even Miss Junie’s win photo before I posted! Well, no win photo has arrived at Leslie’s house yet so that post will have to wait, but I did get some pictures of her brother Nash from the Priceville show, taken by Norman’s owner Carol. :) Thank you Carol!! These pictures are all from Sunday…the day Nash didn’t win. LOL! Oh well, I think he still looked handsome, ifIdon’tsaysomyself.

Handsome boy! Waiting his turn outside the ring.
Nash's "dark side"

Crazy Dog Show People

Yep, that’s me.

I leave this afternoon for a show in Knoxville TN.  I get to see Uncle Chase again (haven’t seen him since he was 9 months old), and my mom is driving down from Ohio and showing her chihuahuas.  That means that Charlie is going with me too, yay!  She’s such fun these days, and I’m really looking forward to having a “girls weekend” with her and my mom.  I had entered both Nash and Lizzie, but Lizard has decided to shed every last hair so she’s going to stay home.  If she follows her shedding schedule from last time, that means she *should* be coming into season as expected towards the end of December.  You know, right when it’s most convenient to arrange a breeding.  😉  I’m bummed that these shows didn’t pull majors, but there are 2 points available both days.

Next weekend is my local shows.  A solid entry, but only 1 point available each day…our point schedule has gone up so much that it takes a sizable entry just to make 2 points.  I plan to make some lunch on Saturday to share, so if you’re planning to be there keep that in mind!

The weekend after that, I have entered the supported entry in Concord NC.  I’m not 100% sure yet that I’ll be able to go, honestly it depends on how work is going.  On that note…I’ve gone back to work again.  I work as a contractor, so my jobs are very dependent on people signing contracts.  We had a lull over the summer and early fall, waiting for people to work around their budgets etc, and now I’m finally busy again.  It’s great to be working again!  I didn’t want to miss out on the NC shows in case I can manage to go (without my husband killing me for 3 weekends in a row…), so I entered Nash just in case.  Hopefully it will all work out, and hopefully it will pull majors!  :)

Edit:  Just checked the breed counts for NC…no majors!  :(  Lots of specials entered, but only 3-8 in the classes which is 1 point in boys and 2 in girls.  Le sigh.

Bulletin Ad help

I’ve been tinkering with a bulletin ad for Nash most of the day today, and here is what I’ve come up with so far.  I am going to try to take a good front photo of him for the upper left corner, any other suggestions are welcomed:

(*yes, I’m projecting that daddy Pilot will get his GCh by the time this goes to print!  LOL!)

Win photo

Not the best photo ever, but not too bad. Unfortunately I think it’s about time for me to get a new scanner…after fussing with it forever to get it to even warm up and scan my photo in, the best I could get was a very yellowed, faded scan that looked approximately 50 years old. I tweaked with Photoshop to make it reasonable but the color saturation is off…sorry!

I’m in the middle of trying to put together an ad for Mr Nashville for the next Bulletin. :) I think I’ll use his outdoor photo, but at least I have a fairly non-barf-worthy win photo of him.


Patience has never been my strong suit.  I’ve tried very hard to make myself more patient over the years…patient with my kids, patient with my hubby, and patient when it comes to all things dog.  Because usually, anything good takes time, right?

Nash at 15 months

Now, I just need to get him trained to stack himself properly.  He’s somewhat like a bumblebee on a string and when there are distractions, I’m lucky to get him to hold a stack for more than a couple seconds.  He likes to stand like a GSD, with one foot cocked forward just in case something needs his attention elsewhere.

I weighed Nash the other day because it seems like he has matured so much in the past few months…he’s now 35 pounds.  He was barely 30 pounds at a year old (little over 3 months ago) so yeah, I think he’s grown up a tad.  :)