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They’re here!

Great news – Violet’s puppies arrived safe and sound!  She delivered the first 3 puppies with no issues, until #4 decided to try to come out sideways.  Funny thing, it doesn’t really work when you do it that way, so unfortunately we needed to do a c-section to retrieve the last 4 babies.  I’m relieved that they all arrived safely, and Violet is doing a great job transitioning from “Princess Vi” to “Mama Vi”.

Final count is 5 boys and 2 girls, brindles and blacks.  I proudly present the Allegro “Peter Pan” litter.

#1, brindle boy, red collar, “PETER”
#2, brindle girl, pink collar, “TIGER LILY”
#3, brindle boy, green collar, “RUFIO”
#4, black/white with brindle points boy, tan collar, “NIBS”
#5, black/white with brindle points boy, blue collar, “CAPTAIN”
#6, black/white with brindle points boy, orange collar, “SMEE”
#7, black/white with brindle points girl, purple collar, “WENDY”

The answer is…

YES! We are definitely expecting puppies from Buddy and Violet around March 18th. Hmm, if they’re born on St. Patricks Day I might have to do a St Patty’s day theme….

Ultrasound on 2/17 showed at least 5 puppies and probably more. Given her size already, I’m thinking 7-8, but time will tell!

Vi preggo belly @ 5 weeks post-breeding

Puppy Update and SQUEEEEE! It’s almost time for Westminster!

I had the chance to travel to Portland to visit puppies last weekend!  The cuties are just over 8 weeks old so it was the perfect age to take a look and see what we thought of them.  What a handsome/pretty group!  All of consistently good quality…I am pleased.  Bobby (now Wally) came back with me on the plane in order to meet his new family here.  If he looks nice as he grows, then I will co-own him with them and show him.  Cindy is going to be an LA gal and her new family is going to pick her up in a little over a week.  Marcia, well we aren’t sure yet where Marcia may go.  There are a couple of possibilities, so we will see how that sorts itself out over the next few weeks.  Updates on them can now be found on the Litter Page.

While I was there, Junie’s new family came to pick her up!  It seems like she is fitting in very well with them so far, so fingers crossed that it’s a permanent match.

On Friday I fly out to NYC for Westminster!  And some sightseeing, of course.  I can’t wait!

They’re here!

Junie’s babies have arrived at Megan Hanselman’s house in Oregon!  We have 3 lovely babies.  Can’t wait to watch them grow!

Marcia - brindle & white girl
Marcia – brindle & white girl
Cindy - black & white w/brindle points girl
Cindy – black & white w/brindle points girl
Bobby - black & white w/brindle points boy
Bobby – black & white w/brindle points boy

The Brady Bunch – coming early December

Yep, Junie is definitely expecting!  It looks like there will be puppies in early December.  We will have an x-ray a few days before to find out how many there might be!  Looks like a decent-sized litter at this point.  If you haven’t checked out our puppy page for details, do so now!  These babies are going to be born and raised in Portland, OR with our friend and co-owner Megan Hanselman.

Junie with 3+ weeks left to go
Junie with 3+ weeks left to go

Puppy Update

A final puppy update on our 2013 “Gone with the Wind” litter!


Mr Purple – now known as Bohdi (Allegro Great Balls of Fire), has gone home with a wonderful local couple, Kerrie Jaworski and her boyfriend.  Kerrie’s family has had 2 cardis before so she is well versed in them, although this will be the first she’s raising herself!  They are a very active couple, camping, hiking, etc and I think Bohdi will fit in very well with them.


Mr. Green will now be known as “Peeta” (Allegro Never Be Hungry Again) and has flown the coop to his new family in Alabama, Heather and Corey Haynes and their young son.  Peeta is a lovey, cuddly, happy puppy and should fit in great there!  They are actually going to be relocating to Colorado soon, so maybe I’ll get to see him after all!


Mr. Blue is going home with his mama Lexi to Karen Lyons to be a show hopeful.  He will be known as Jake, registered name still to be decided.  A very happy, bold, outgoing puppy, he has a stellar personality for the ring!  And has a lot of his mama’s personality to boot, so they should keep each other busy.  😉


Mr. Orange is now known as “Gable” (Allegro Grandiose Frankly My Dear) and will be co-owned with Jessica and myself as a show hopeful.  He will live with Jessica.  Gable has a lot of the qualities I was hoping we would get from this breeding, so I am excited to see him grow up!

Puppy Update

Babies are now 2 weeks old!  I’ve been thinking of putting pictures here, but then I realized it might be FAR easier to direct people to Jessica’s Facebook page instead…simply go here and “like” her page, and you will see puppy photos galore!

Since my last blog post, we unfortunately lost the teeny tiniest boy, Tiny Tim/Brownie.  He lived for several days and even started gaining some weight, but despite Jessica’s very diligent efforts, he just didn’t make it.  :(  However, the other smaller boy, now known as Mr. Blue, is thriving and nearly the size of his larger littermates.  The remaining 4 boys are all doing very well!  Growing, eyes are just opening, all very active and eating well.  I visited last weekend with my kids, so fun to see them!  I can’t wait to watch them grow.