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Photo evidence?

Today I flipped Lizzie over to grind toenails and this is what I see:


Also, her belly has gone from 18.5″ to almost 20″.

Speaking of toenails, Brady managed to rip another one off this weekend while he was at my in-laws.  It was about 80% ripped out and looking quite disgusting, so took him to the vet yesterday where they had to sedate him in order to take it off and cauterize the nail bed.  This is the third time he has done this, varying degrees of severity, at my in-laws…something about the spacing of the boards on their deck/stairs must be *just right* for his nails.  At this rate I figure sooner or later he just won’t have any nails to grind anymore.  😀


So far, Lizzie’s stomach seems firm, her nipples are bigger, and last night she barfed up her dinner.  Lizzie not being one to waste food, that’s a rarity.  :)

4 weeks-ish as of yesterday.  So fingers still crossed!

I wonder if he would consider this a gift…

If Lizzie is indeed pregnant, the puppies are due ON Dave’s birthday, June 17.  (that’s counting from the second breeding which sounds like it was probably the most fertile day)

I don’t know if it can be considered a symptom of anything, but she’s not letting Brady bully her around anymore.  They’ve had more snippy “fights” since she got back than they have ever had before.  Laura told me that the first symptom is “more affectionate”, but I honestly don’t think that’s possible for Lizzie…  But interesting enough, she has suddenly become a lot more lovely dovey with Dave.  They have always had their “moments” during the day when she gets scritches from him, but jeez the other night I came into the living room and she was so splayed out on his lap, eyes closed, I thought maybe I should leave them alone for a while.

I can't stand it

Yes, it’s probably bad form to start naming puppies before I even know if they’re coming.  But I was bored this morning and started doing some searching on iTunes…and well, you know how that goes.

Litter theme is very likely going to be children’s songs and/or children’s TV shows.  So far here are some of what I’ve come up with, the artist or source in parenthesis.  Some have obvious call names, others I’m not sure yet…  There are plenty of other songs that I like but that I don’t think make particularly good registered names.  Additions, comments, whatever are all welcome!

Allegro Schoolhouse Rock
Allegro Witch Doctor  (Chipmunks)
Allegro Get The Sillies Out  (Yo Gabba Gabba)
Allegro Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Allegro Trash Can Band  (Schoolhouse Rock)
Allegro Juice Box Hero  (Imagination Movers)
Allegro Everything is Boinga  (Backyardigans) – may be asking for trouble with this one…
Allegro Queens Are Never Wrong  (Backyardigans)
Allegro Rocketship Run  (Laurie Berkner)
Allegro Candy Cane Jane  (Laurie Berkner)
Allegro Choc-o-lot In My Pock-o-lot  (Laurie Berkner)
Allegro Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie  (Dan Zanes)
Allegro Secret Life of Six  (They Might Be Giants)

Also great news from C-Myste today, as Pilot has also tested N/N Normal for DM.  That means that if Lizzie is indeed pregnant, all the puppies should be N/N Normal as well.

And she's back

Lizzie has happily returned home, to be greeted by many many sniffs from her canine companion.  She’s shinier than when she left, which leads me to believe that someone is proving a point with a raw diet.  😉  Doesn’t help that her coat typically looks like hell this time of year, when she has shed out and gone into season she always looks horrible.

I have tasked 4-year old Charlie with daily belly rubs, whispering “Healthy puppies.  Free whelp.”  She asked how many times a day, and I told her as many times as she wanted.  Her response was, “How about ONE HUNDRED??”  I don’t think Lizzie will object to that many rubs.  😀

An Alabama corgi in Orygun

Since Lizzie didn’t wait long enough for Pilot to come here to woo her, it looks like she will be traveling to him instead.  Don’t make fun of her Southern drawl, ‘kay?

I’m also looking for ideas for a litter theme.  Yes, I’m probably the only person on the planet who doesn’t have a laundry list of themes that I’d like to use.  :)  Since my kennel name is Allegro I was thinking something musical but am not sure what exactly!  Popular songs?  Classical artists?  Jazz?  Kid songs?  I dunno.


Miss Lizzie is coming into season.  I had hoped she would wait until AFTER the Nationals, in which case Pie had a ride in this direction!  But no, instead it looks like she will probably be fertile right in the middle of the Nationals.  Le Sigh.

Some news

Anyone recognize this handsome man?


Doesn’t he look pretty next to…?


Yes, you can correctly read that as a change in plans.  I have loved Pilot since he was a baby and have always had him in mind as a potential “future” suitor for Lizzie.  When his latest pictures came back I realized that he really HAD grown up as nicely as I hoped…and when coupled with a few other things, I started thinking about switching around my breeding plans.

The advantages to doing a breeding to Pilot this year is that it will prove Lizzie’s fertility without such a big cost outlay.  To do the breeding to Eli would be a surgical AI at a clinic about 3 hours from me, and considering that I’m not working right now (something I didn’t forsee when I made initial plans for this litter) it’s a lot of money to put into a breeding when I’m not sure whether she can successfully get pregnant.  If I couldn’t find another male that I loved for her, then I would probably find a way to do it and go ahead.  Luckily I think Pilot is also an excellent choice and I can’t wait to see what they might produce together!

More health stuff

A visit to our local vet today was expensive, but well worth it.  I had an extensive talk with him about the breeding plans this spring, and he seems like he’ll be very helpful.  As I figured, so yay!  I also had a blood panel run on Lizzie and her thyroid, as well as everything else, looks perfect.  Only bad news of the day is that she has a slab fracture in her molar that I hadn’t noticed, sigh.  I need to get her in for a cleaning and we’ll see how bad it is then.  Perhaps if the girl wouldn’t chew on rocks…

I’m expecting her in season within the next month and am keeping close watch.  I’m so paranoid I’ll miss it!