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Whew, I’m back!

I know, I know…I’ve been totally MIA from my blog for a loooooong time. In my defense, we WERE moving across the country. It took me a while to find all my camera gear so I could even take pictures to share! We’ve been very caught up in moving, doing fun things with the kiddos, and settling into our new city. :) I finally feel somewhat back to normal, located my dog washing/grooming stuff so I could clean up my Very Dirty Dogs, and found some time to spruce them all up!

Nash and the rest of the Charm litter celebrated their 2nd birthdays not quite 2 weeks ago! Happiest of birthdays to all of the sweet babies…and if any owners are reading this and would like to send me an update on your Charm puppy and/or pictures, I’d love it! I do keep up with most of them when I can but updates are always welcomed. :) On a sad note, many of you know that we lost a sister recently, Echo…she’s been in my thoughts a lot lately, and many hugs to her other owners. We think that Echo had a lingering issue from when a thief let Mandy’s dogs out of her yard and Echo was hit by a car…she seemed ok at the time but her sudden loss a few months later is consistent with a hidden injury from trauma.

On a very BRIGHT note, other sister Lucy is now Ch* Allegro Turn on the Charm!! (*AKC pending) I’m so proud of how this little girl grew up, and thankful to her owners for showing her to her CH. I’ll let her owners do the bragging on her here:

And birthdays and baths always make me think about taking some photos of my own Charm puppy, Nash.  These puppies have been sloooooow to grow up, but I’m quite pleased as they approach full maturity with how several of them are coming together, Nash included.  He’s a perfectly-sized (IMO) 35 pound boy, and extremely agile and fun.  I think he’s rather pretty, too, although we’re getting very rusty on the whole show-stacking thing…need to work on that, as I hope to take him out again soon to finish that CH!  He has 9 points and a major from the puppy classes.  I apologize that the pictures aren’t that crisp, I was using a timer since Dave is at work today.  :)

Free-stacking front...we were getting very hot by this point so I only snapped a couple front pics!

Junie B

I wanted to share the photo Leslie just received from June’s Select Bitch win at Nashville a couple weeks ago…not a bad photo of the girl.  Not a perfect stack, but hair makes a big difference!  Unfortunately, I’ve heard that she has now started to drop her lovely coat again… just in time for Nationals.  This win for June was just shy of a major, boo!  Way to go Leslie!  :)

Nash was RWD the day before, but we only showed one day.  With all the stuff to get ready for moving I’ve hardly had time to enter any shows…his CH will very likely just have to wait until after we are in Colorado.  He has decided to nekkid himself as well.  In fact the only dog in my house with hair so far is (knock on wood) Lizzie!  I plan to show her in breed at Nationals this year, which will be the first time since she was a puppy that she’ll actually have hair for that show LOL.  Nash is entered in Bred-By but I’m wondering what I can do to help him manufacture hair in the next week.

Move plans are coming along.  We have figured out where the kids will be going to school/preschool next year, which is a huge weight off of my mind!  Our move is being scheduled for the last week of May.  It is looking likely that our Alabama house will not have sold before we move, which is a bummer, but we really need to go ahead and get out there so that the kids can get settled before regular school starts.  We still need to sell so many things, that is my next project…clearing out the house!

Remembering back…

All of these adorable new cousin puppies, at Elyan (by Uncle Chase), at Storm Ridge (out of Aunt Clem)…are making me seriously start longing for puppies again.  I was reminiscing back through blog posts from my litter last year and laughing.

When I saw this picture today on Penni’s blog of her little red-haired girl Reba:

I knew it reminded me of someone else who used to rule the whelping box (Maddie):

Then I came across this beautiful picture of June:

I was struck by how much she has always been so consistent.  Here she is when she came back to my house at 11 months:

Pupdate – Vegas, and Paws It Forward

I realized a ways back that I have never posted this win photo of Vegas that Joyce so kindly sent to me!  Still obviously has a lot of growing up to do, but MAN am I jealous of that gorgeous coat and color!  LOL  From all reports, Vegas is a big lovable goofball (I wouldn’t expect anything else!).  He is about halfway to his championship with 8 points and one major…hopefully he can finish it up next year after he grows up some more.  One thing that struck me about this picture…he and Nash look a lot alike in the head especially!

We also got a Paws it Forward package from the Fwuffy Biscuit Boy!  Man, the dogs enjoyed opening this one LOL.  Brady immediately snagged the tastiest chewie for himself, naturally, but everyone has been enjoying the tasty treats.  Thanks Biscuit!  If there are two other people who would love to participate in Paws it Forward, just leave me a comment!

Our (Non) Labor Day, and a small pupdate

Last week, after checking the weather forecasts, we decided to take a somewhat last-minute trip to Cincinnati OH for some family fun over Labor Day weekend.  I know some people are probably saying, “Cincinnati?  Really?” but the truth is that there is a WONDERFUL smaller kid area in King’s Island amusement park, and the Cincinnati Zoo is very, very good.  There are other things to do there as well but since we only had two days to fill with activities, those were it…and that was plenty.  :)  We kept the trip a surprise from the kids, and Charlie was nearly bursting with anticipation by the time we got to King’s Island.

Let me just start out and say…the weather was so great.  I honestly hate living in the South in the summer.  It’s too hot to do many things outside if they don’t involve swimming, and the heat lasts FOREVER.  We had 2 straight months in a row of days with temperature highs over 95….Two.  Months.  It’s always bad, but this year has been horrible.  Little rain, lots of heat and humidity.  So we were almost giddy when looking at the forecast for Cinci over the weekend.  The high on Saturday was around 72 degrees.  PANTS WEATHER, PEOPLE!  It was breezy, mostly sunny, occasionally chilly, and wonderful.  I can’t express what a joy it was to be outside all day long doing stuff and not sweating LOL.

We hit King’s Island on Saturday, and the zoo on Sunday.  King’s Island has a large children’s area called Planet Snoopy.  They have rides for just about every age of kid, including roller coasters for various heights.  Charlie is a roller coaster fiend, she rode two of them even though one of them was “kind of scary” LOL.  I wouldn’t classify her as a particularly brave kid, so it’s been fun to discover how much she likes rides.  We had hoped to carve out some time for Dave and I to occasionally ride a big coaster or two, but there was so much for the kids to do that we never really left Planet Snoopy.  The lone exception was as we were walking over there as the park opened, and Dave hopped onto The Vortex while there was no line.   I posted this photo on Facebook but I thought it was cute…Jack having a snack and “watching the roller coaster for Daddy”.

Watching for Daddy

So excited!
Really, do we have to take another picture?
"Boo Blasters" ride...a little scary for Jack (and Charlie as she was tired by the time we went), but fun. You shoot the ghosts for points as you ride through!
Jack getting into the kid bumper cars. He was delighted until he got stuck going in a circle backwards, and which point he cried the whole time because it wouldn't go where he wanted it to. LOL!
Also posted on Facebook, Charlie's face painting.

On Sunday we went to the zoo (with half of Cincinnati).  They have an awesome exhibit called the “Cheetah Encounter” where they actually lure course cheetahs during a show…talk about amazing.  They bring out the male cheetah first so you can say “oh wow yeah, he’s fast”, and then they bring out the female cheetah and she totally puts him to shame LOL.  My sister and her family came down from Columbus to meet us for the day!  Especially nice as the cousins don’t get to see each other that often so it was fun for them to have a day together.  Charlie has 7 cousins total on both sides of the family, but only ONE girl cousin…my niece Ashley (9).

The girls conferring about girl things. Or snacks, whichever. :)
Cheetah gets a drink
Petting zoo, of course

Jack being a ham while we wait for the "4D" movie experience. He had everyone there laughing at him. BTW, don't recommend the movie LOL.
Yeah, he's a cute little ham.
The obligatory "you all sit on a log and try to look at the camera at the same time" photo. Umm yeah, that's my child scowling at me in the middle LOL.

Also, I was thrilled to get an update from Wall-E’s (litter name Miles) owners this weekend!  He went home with them on Labor Day weekend last year with their other cardi Cosmo.  No photos, but got this nice note:

Just want to let you know he’s (still) doing great, and a very happy pup! He still acts very much like a puppy… I think the boys of this litter may take a while to grow up… LOL. We love him very much and we’re so happy he’s part of our little family. His happiness and zest for life are infectious! For example, his ‘brother’ Cosmo (our other Cardi) is content to hang out in the back seat during a car ride and just relax—oh, not Wall-E. He likes to be up looking out the window, letting the wind run through his (giant) ears, and making all the other drivers smile and laugh at him! It makes me so happy when I see children in the cars next to us point and smile at our little guy… he is such a happy dog, you can’t help but smile when he’s around.

I’m so glad to hear how he’s doing!

Happy kids, happy dogs, happy birthday!

Little Jack turned 3 on Friday!  I can hardly believe my little boy is getting so big.  We had a small party for him yesterday and despite some disagreements with him about WHEN we would open presents, I think he had a pretty good time.  :)  I KNOW he has enjoyed his gifts, because he and Charlie have been Very Busy playing with them all day yesterday and today LOL.

This morning I was making a grocery list and Nash brought me a really beat up, sad looking toy to play with.  I looked around and realized that just about all of the dog toys were chewed up, ragged, or otherwise rather yucky LOL.  So I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Petsmart today and brought home new bones for everyone and several brand new toys.  I think Nash is in heaven!  On a somewhat related note, I DID put together my fabulous new whelping box, and took pictures….but unfortunately, they are stuck on my camera.  *cry*  My DSLR’s USB connection has been broken for some time, meaning that I have to take the flash card out and use a reader to get photos off the camera.  No big deal, but my card reader has bitten the dust and the new one I bought to replace it doesn’t seem to be working.  Grrrr.  So until I get these technical difficulties worked out, there shall be no whelping box photos.  😛

Big boy 3 year old!

Happy 4th of July!

We’ve had a good weekend here so far!  Went to the local farmer’s market yesterday and finally got to talk to a wonderful local source of beef and chicken.  We’ve been trying to eat “more local”, and while we thankfully have an Earth Fare market here now that carries “local” chicken (by local they seem to mean a 3 state area), I’d rather support truly local small farmers.  So we have a 1/8 of a side of beef headed our way this fall, yay!  Guess I’d better clean out the outside freezer LOL.  I also bought some truly delicious cinnamon raisin bread, homemade pickles, heirloom tomatoes & potatoes, and summer squash.  Yum!  Still waiting for peaches to come into season here, that’s my favorite!

Also had some wonderful news from puppy owners…June was in MS with her owner Leslie, and was BOS 3 days in a row to pick up 3 more points!  That puts her at 12 with her majors, and Leslie is under strict orders not to finish her before the Western Reserve specialty in August.  :)  Also, sister Echo hit the show rings for the very first time with her co-owner Emily Fish…and was WB both days she showed, picking up 2 single points!  That makes the FIFTH puppy to be pointed from the litter. EDIT: I also saw that Vegas was in the ring this weekend too and picked up another point, putting him at 7!

Speaking of puppies, Miss Lizzie is in season now, and we have pretty much finalized our plans to breed her again.  She will be bred on her NEXT season, which should be in December or early January.  You can see more details on our Puppy Page if you’re interested.  :)

Happy Birthday, Charm babies!!!

Today the Charm babies turn 1!  I can hardly believe it’s been a year since they arrived…it’s been interesting!  A huge learning experience for me in many ways, and a lot of fun too.  I love hearing reports on each of the kids from time to time and watching them grow up.

Speaking of my own charming Plizzard kid, Nash is such a silly and goofy guy.  He finally grew out of most of the “baddog” phase and is just a lot of fun!  He is, in many ways, exactly what I was hoping to get out of this litter….fun-loving, sweet, gets along with everyone, pretty, structurally nice, and brindle!  He’s easy to train and very agile, so after we’re done with the Ch thing I have high hopes for him in agility.  :)  Oh speaking of conformation, I’m quite proud of the other show pups from the litter….4 of them are now major pointed!  June leads the way with 9 points and both majors, Vegas and Lucy both have 6 points and a major, and Nash has a 4 point major.  Not bad for a group of puppies that, overall, are taking their sweet time growing up.  LOL!

So happy birthday, babies!  I couldn’t be prouder of all of you.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated about Echo!  Dixie decided that Echo needed to get away from her sister for a while and see the world, so she went to live with Emily Fish for a bit.  Now that Emily has puppies coming out of her ears, Echo is with Mandy!  She’s a very sweet girl who bonded closely with Emily’s young son Evan…news that doesn’t surprise me in the least.  But while she’s on vacation with gramma Mandy, they snapped a few pictures of her this weekend while at the puppy party.

Echo always has been, and will continue to be for a while, one that needs to grow up.  I’m quite pleased with how she’s looking right now though…not quite as gangly, and reports are that her movement is coming together very nicely.  It may take her a while to get there, but I think when she is mature that she’s going to be one striking Cardi girl.