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June goes home

After a long week or so with talking with various people who were interested in June, many of which would have made GREAT places for her to go….  she’s going to be staying very close to home.  My good friend Leslie Reed of Keel Mtn corgis dabbled in Cardigans a few years ago with her happy red girl “Candy” from Kathy Davis.  Unfortunately, Candy didn’t turn out to be a show superstar, so eventually she found a great pet home and retired.  Ever since then, Leslie has really NEEDED a tail in her life.  :)  Remarkably, she managed to resist getting a puppy when they were born, despite helping me whelp the litter and coming over several times to snuggle puppies LOL.  But June coming back home proved to be too much for her to resist.

For myself, I’m thrilled about this because she gets to stay so close!  Leslie lives about 15 minutes from me and I know will take wonderful care of Miss June.  And hopefully, she’ll get to have some fun in the show rings with her too.  I meant to take a picture today before they left, but I forgot!  Hopefully Leslie will post some soon on HER blog,

Nash misses her already!

A little bittersweet

In talking with Kate in the month since the Nationals, she has decided to focus more on her blue puppies and therefore, the pretty Miss June will not be going back.  I guess we can’t convert everyone over to poop-colored dog love.  😉  This is a mutual decision on the part of Kate and I, and is no knock on Kate OR June.  There’s nothing wrong with either of them, but sometimes things don’t work out how you plan.

No, I’m not keeping her, although she can stay here as long as she needs to.  I’d love to find another show home who would like to finish her and potentially use her in a breeding program…I think she’s beautiful and sound, and would make a nice addition.  But if that doesn’t happen, I will keep her here long enough to finish her and then find a forever pet home for her.

June is sweet, loving, mellow, and happy.  She’s not a “superstar” in the show ring, she takes after her mother too much there, but she has been consistent for me even if she’s not super showy.  At home she romps with Nash a LOT, but is equally happy to flop on the couch and pant in my face for a while.  She plays with everyone, actually, dogs and kidlets alike.  She can be a bit pushy physically sometimes with Nash only (because he doesn’t care), but is quick to give me a sheepish wag when I tell her to knock it off.  She can be a bit food possessive but not overly so.  She’s not barky, and she doesn’t mind being crated (although she will avoid me if she knows she’s going to be LOL).  In the past she has sometimes been wary of men but I haven’t seen much of that since she’s been with me…she loves Dave and has been sweet when meeting strangers.  I feel that June needs someone she can bond with…she’s a better dog here than she was at Kate’s, honestly, and I think it’s because our personalities mesh better than she and Kate did.  She’s not overly biddable…I wouldn’t place her with someone who really wanted to do performance, because she’s not very driven to learn new things.

So if you’re interested in Junie B, drop me a line at  Hopefully we can find the perfect place for this sweet girl.  :)

June at 11 months

Dog show report

I just got back from shows in Gray, TN, which by the way is no where near Nashville. Just in case you were going to take the word of Heidi when entering shows. 😉 As a matter of fact, it’s very close to the Virginia border, which made it pretty much a 5 hour drive for me instead of a 1.5 – 2 hour drive, and necessitated an overnight stay or two. Ah well, the entry was worth the extra distance, as we had a good judging panel and cardigans pulled the 2nd largest entry of the SHOW. Actually I think that today (Sun) it was the largest. We had 23ish cardis entered, which is amazing for a little teeny show in NE Tennessee. There wasn’t quite a major in dogs, but there was in bitches both days, and several specials.

I took the brainless idiot err, Nash, and the lovely Junie B who is staying with me. She has trimmed down quite a bit, could still probably use 1-2 pounds off but is looking more the right size for her frame. Nash won his bred-by class each day, but Miss June stole the show by winning a 3 and a 4 point major! Her win on Sunday was Best of Opposite Sex, over at least 2 bitch specials, which is what bumped it up to 4 points. !!!!! I sound very relaxed but the truth is that I’m THRILLED that she did so well and was shaking with nerves/excitement in the ring :). Especially nice was that today’s judge was a breeder-judge. Yay Junie!

Nationals Pictures

Kate was kind enough to sludge through the roughly, what, 1500 pictures taken during Nationals week and send me a lot of the ones I cared about.  :)  The lighting conditions weren’t great without a Very Nice Lens, but should still give you an idea!

Lizzie peeking at me around the grooming apron, getting poofed (as much as we, ahem, could) for the Megan.
Lizard on the table
Jennifer going over her and thinking to herself, "Wow, she looks better with hair." :)
Nash in Sweeps.

Yes, he's still a bit high in the butt.
Take a moment to pose during Brood Bitch
Our matching outfits. I swear when I asked Garrett to help I did NOT tell him he had to coordinate. ;-)

Poop-colored dogs

Nash shows off his gangly teenager body
"It's on!"
Junie in repose
Nash is a great fetcher (June is too!)
Perhaps a bark at the neighbors?
So gently "sharing" the toy

June dispenses with the niceities and tackles Nash
June ADORES Charlie.

Nationals report

Whew! Gettysburg is about a 10.5 – 11 hour drive from me, which is just on the outer edge of what it doable in one day. I was exhausted when I got home last night! Thankfully, when driving through Tennessee I was on the outer edge of the storm that went through and caused so much bad flooding in central and southern areas. I barely drove through any rain, thank goodness…my drive up on Monday was nearly all rain, so it was a relief not to have to drive through it again LOL.

I always love seeing so many people that I rarely get a chance to see! And some I’ve never met in person before. We started introducing each other by blog name :), so it was very fun to put faces with names and dogs. Tuesday was the Megan…when I entered, I had been very excited to show in the Megan for the first time! But as I mentioned before I left, Lizzie started shedding hand over fist and sadly looked very raggedy by Tuesday evening. :( She didn’t make the cut. I’ve been trying to put weight on her too, ironically my “easy keeper” who has always been a touch fat has started leaning the other direction. We’re going to try a few different things and may have her checked out at the vet. So yes, for future reference, naked and skinny isn’t a good combo. 😉

Wednesday it was the puppies’ turns in sweepstakes! I had Scout’s handler Cheryl Mika groom Nash up for me…it’s amazing what a difference that can make. I don’t think I’m a “bad” groomer but I’m not good at those last steps to make them look really polished. She did a wonderful job and, if I don’t say so myself, I think he looked great! He showed pretty well for me and I was thrilled when he was awarded 3rd in his large sweeps class. Junie went a bit later (different judge, also) and Kate and I decided that I would show her and see how she did with me in the ring. Well, she showed GREAT although she didn’t get a placement, but made the cut in her very large class. I think that Kate’s camera has some nice pictures of them in the ring that I’ll get posted once she sends to me.

Thursday was class dogs. I overslept and hence didn’t get Nash down to Cheryl in time, whoops! Thankfully, due to the work she put in on him the day before, he still looked pretty good so I just fluffed him and went. I showed him in the very large and competitive Bred-By class, he was pulled out for an extra down-and-back but didn’t get a placement. I had several very nice compliments on him though and was just proud to show him off as “mine”! :)

Friday was the class bitches. Kate and I went back and forth and finally decided that she would show Friday for Joanna, and I would show June (they were in the same class). Junie again showed pretty well for me, but it was Miss Friday who stole the show by getting 2nd in the class! It was a very large class, I know Joanna is thrilled. Later we had brood bitch and Garrett stepped in (color coordinated, even) to help us with Lizzie, June, and Nash. We swapped around handlers a bit to find who showed best with who, and it was fun but no ribbons. I personally think we should have gotten one as the most color-coordinated group in the ring. :)

I decided not to show Lizzie in Best of Breed because, as raggedy as she looked at the beginning of the week it only got worse and worse each day. Plus after a whole week of showing dogs, talking dogs, and missing my family, the idea of coming home a day early to relax sounded Pretty Darned Good. I watched some of the boys in BOB and then took off for the hellish drive home.

Which brings me to the last announcement:

Hmmmm...3 poop colored dogs...

That would be Miss Junie B, who has come to stay with me for a little while. Nash is BEYOND thrilled, and it has been one giant frap fest at my house all morning. I can’t know for sure whether she remembers this place or not, but she sure has moved in like she does, just happy as a clam. She’s been very sweet with Dave and the kids, properly submitted to Brady, and has generally just been bouncing all over the place. I corralled her long enough this morning to take these:

Little too stretched out, but not bad for first tries

Nice face, Junie.

Part of the reason she’s here is to go to “Grandma’s Fat Camp”…the simple fact is that she just has too many things she can get into at Kate’s house, like chicken feed, goose poop, etc etc.  She’s very resourceful when it comes to food and will pretty much eat until stuffed…while she’s here it will be harder for her to find things to eat beyond her dinner bowl.  She looks better now and I know Kate took a couple pounds off of her before she got to the Nationals, but she probably still needs to drop 2-3 pounds.  I also have her entered in a show in Tennessee in a few weeks that I’m hopeful might pull majors, and either way it has some very good judges.

Show news

For those who may not have heard on Facebook or Dawn’s blog, Vegas’ owner had some exciting news this weekend…his first show was on Saturday and he was BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX for a 3 point major!  That makes the third puppy to be pointed on their first weekend out.

I tell you, this part of breeding my first litter sure has been nerve-wracking and fun!  Watching them grow up, hoping that they each fulfill the promise that we saw in them as youngsters.  With so many of them in show homes, my nerves have been tripled!  LOL  Only time will tell whether all of them will grow up as nicely as we hoped, but so far I’ve been so very proud of all of these babies and their owners.

I think Vegas looks very handsome.  Young still, yes, but what an eye-catching boy!

Photo taken by Dawn Fisher...thanks Dawn!

Show update, and Vegas!

Nash and I headed to Louisville this weekend for a couple days of shows at the CWCCA supported entry up there.  The entry wasn’t quite as large as it has been in years past, but there were still quite a few lovely specials there, and a solid entry of class dogs and bitches to make majors in dogs for all 4 days, and 2 days in girls.  Friday and Saturday also had sweepstakes, which I love taking puppies to!  I only entered Nash on Friday and Sat, just wanting to get some more experience under his belt before the Nationals and not really pushing for points…he still has a lot of growing up to do, but the Louisville site is great for getting puppies acclimated to large, busy shows.

Friday in sweepstakes Nash won his class and was pulled out by the judge (Emily Fish) for another look with the eventual winner, a very nice puppy owned/bred by Vivian Moran.  He was second in his regular class.  On Saturday we had a little better luck…he was the only one in his sweeps class (and didn’t get an award past that), but won his regular class and then went on to Reserve Winners Dog under Mary Belloff.  Thankfully he showed better on Saturday than he did on Friday…he was very excited to be there, had his tail up which he rarely does, and generally had the attention span of a gnat.  By Saturday he had settled down (and worn down) a bit.  :)

Also, I was thrilled today to get some pictures from Joyce of the Vegas-man!  No stacked shots, just some cute pictures of his handsome self being a dog.  They’re going to dip their toes in the show ring in April!

In which I question the wisdom…

…of creating a litter full of very smart, eat-anything-not-nailed-down puppies.

I received a lovely report from Harmony’s people the other day.  Apparently she has figured out how to open drawers (!!)…she just grabs on and pulls while walking backwards.  Cindi and Patti are missing a few items (whoops) and will be investing in child locks soon.  Ha!  It’s so very naughty…but I have to laugh, too.  :)

On the wonderful side, Harmony just graduated from intermediate obedience class and will be heading to an advanced class soon.  Patti is doing a lovely job training her and they have started attending a class for service dogs together.  They are hoping that by the time she’s a year old she’ll be ready to take her CGC and Delta Society therapy dog tests, and get her certification as Patti’s service dog.  And I’ll tell you what…as proud as I am of the show dogs from the litter and their owners, I am JUST as proud of this family!  I know that Pilot’s owners will be thrilled also…grandma Alice, in addition to helping propagate the trashund genes, seems to have contributed a few more desirable traits also.  😉  She’s also a Delta Society therapy dog.  I’m glad that Harmony can use her evil powers for good, also.


Well, I entered the Atlanta shows knowing that sometimes they pull pretty large entries.  In fact, when Lizzie was a baby she made her debut at those shows and it was a 5 point major in bitches.  *blink*  (she was reserve both days)  Now it’s her son Nash’s turn to dip his toe into the show world, and the entry was posted today…yep, a 5 point major in boys.  Can I admit that I got a little tingly/excited when I made the entry for him?  It was my first time to ever enter in Bred-By, and somehow that’s just really cool.  :)

If you’ve missed it on Carolyn’s blog or Facebook, sister Lucy has done really well on HER debut weekend in Portland.  Reserve Winner’s Bitch twice to majors!  I’m thrilled!  :)  Many friends and family are showing tomorrow and Sunday still, so good luck to everyone!