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They’re here!

Great news – Violet’s puppies arrived safe and sound!  She delivered the first 3 puppies with no issues, until #4 decided to try to come out sideways.  Funny thing, it doesn’t really work when you do it that way, so unfortunately we needed to do a c-section to retrieve the last 4 babies.  I’m relieved that they all arrived safely, and Violet is doing a great job transitioning from “Princess Vi” to “Mama Vi”.

Final count is 5 boys and 2 girls, brindles and blacks.  I proudly present the Allegro “Peter Pan” litter.

#1, brindle boy, red collar, “PETER”
#2, brindle girl, pink collar, “TIGER LILY”
#3, brindle boy, green collar, “RUFIO”
#4, black/white with brindle points boy, tan collar, “NIBS”
#5, black/white with brindle points boy, blue collar, “CAPTAIN”
#6, black/white with brindle points boy, orange collar, “SMEE”
#7, black/white with brindle points girl, purple collar, “WENDY”

New CH Morgan!

Proud to announce that Morgan, Violet’s handsome blue brother, is now to be known as Ch C-Myste Baledwr SN Getting Away With It.  Morgan finished with a bang, winning 3 majors in one weekend (and reserve the 4th day) at the Woofstock shows in CA.  Here is his finishing photo under Bill Shelton:

Morgan finishing at 20 months
Morgan finishing at 20 months – tail a wagging as always

This handsome blue boy is from the Captain (GCh C-Myste Baledwr Whomping Willow) x Lizzie (Ch Snowrose Poetic Charm) litter.  He is the first CH from that litter and Lizzie’s 5th CH of record.  Morgan is owned and loved by Captain’s owner Trenton Sponslor.

Way to go!


Puppies are growing so big!  The 3 babies are fat, healthy, and sassy.  Megan posts lots of photos on her Facebook page: if you “like” it you can watch them grow!

Here in Denver, we’re just wishing we had babies to cuddle!  The holiday season is our “down time” from shows etc so we have just been enjoying our dogs.  Nash got to meet up with his son Bohdi (Mr. Purple) from our summer litter and I was happy to see what a sweet, playful boy he has grown up to be.  We are heading for The Big Show in February…Westminster!  So excited, as it will be my first time there and I CAN’T WAIT!

Happy New Year to all!

Puppy visit!

There are photos all over Facebook, so again if you haven’t already I encourage you to go “Like” Jessica’s kennel page, Grandiose.

Last night Jessica and Brian drove up for dinner and to let the babies play in my backyard.  Fun field trip!  They are 5 weeks old now and really, 5-6-7 weeks is my absolute FAVORITE age so I was extra thrilled to be able to see them.  Hopping, running, bouncing at each other, playing, eating grass, exploring.  We had some visitors come as well, a prospective pet home, so the babies sure had their share of passing around.  I’m totally and completely biased, but what a wonderfully fun group of kids we have here.

Their personalities are really starting to come out!  Mr Purple, otherwise known as Derple, is the flower child.  Happy, bouncy, lovey, and quite silly.  He has a very sweet, soft, open face…he just always looks happy, no matter what he’s doing.  Mr Orange, who Jessica has started calling “Tangey” (like tangerine), is smart, independent and exploring.  He loves to cuddle too, but will throw a fit if it’s not currently on his agenda LOL.  He’s also very playful with the other boys (really, all of them are).  Mr Green is the lover.  He’d rather not walk if he can be carried, and will spend the longest amount of time cuddling and/or sleeping with someone.  And Mr Blue is just FUN!  Happy, playful, and lovey, he’s a doll of a puppy.

Can’t wait to see them grow some more!


Yesterday brought puppies!  Jessica had been closely monitoring Lexi because on her previous two litters she whelped early.  We all started to worry on Friday (her actual due date) because she still wasn’t showing any signs of labor, but a trip to the repro vet to check fetal heartbeats showed them all strong.  So we waited, hoping she would go into labor on Friday night, and around 9 she did start nesting and being restless, but after a short time she…fell asleep.  And was calm and sleeping normally all night and into the morning.

So in the morning, we decided to do a c-section.  Once we got to the emergency vet clinic (attached to the repro vet we have been using), a monitor of fetal heartbeats again showed at least one in distress, so they got the babies out as quickly as they could.  I’m grateful to report that we have FIVE healthy brindle BOYS!  Yep, all boys!  We’ve kept checking to make sure we didn’t misidentify one, but nope.  :)  The only bad news is that two of the boys, even though not premature, are quite tiny.  Jessica is keeping an extra close eye on them and they are both very vigorous, so we’re hopeful that they will catch up.

Mama Lexi is recovering and cleaning & feeding babies.  Good thoughts for them all as they grow through this crucial first week.  Names, weights, and collar colors will be forthcoming, but in the meantime here are some pictures from yesterday!

First 2 to come around after the section
The teeniest little guy. Jessica calls him "Tiny Tim" for now...wee guy but hopefully a fighter!
4 boys except Tiny Tim (who we kept in the warmer more)
Handsome guy! This is a larger puppy, around 10 oz.
At the milk bar...Tiny Tim at the bottom.

New Grand Champion Nash

Jessica Viera took Nash to the Oklahoma City cluster this weekend. We were on a beach vacation so I couldn’t even consider going myself, and he does well with Jessica anyway! :) The Saturday show was a supported entry, with sizable specials entries on all 4 days. Nash did pretty well…he was Select Dog on Thursday and Saturday, and Best of Opposite on Friday. That gave him much more than the few single points he needed for his grand championship, so he’s now GCh* Allegro Southern Charm (*AKC confirmation pending)!

Thank you, Jessica, for taking such good care of my boy when he’s with you. I still plan to show him at least occasionally, and am still working on finding some agility classes near us to get started on some titles for the other end of his name!

Longmont CO shows

I entered Longmont, which is about 30 minutes north of me, before I realized that it was the same weekend I had already bought plane tickets to visit my family in Ohio. (did the same thing when I thought about driving to Fargo) Jessica to the rescue – she agreed to show Nash for me even though he’s still wearing his summer clothes. Thankfully, the maturity fairy has finally come to stay and even naked, Nash no longer looks like a teenager. :)

There was a small entry in Longmont with only a single GCh point possible each day. I was thrilled to hear that Nash was BOB both days over the other male special (who is quite nice himself), which brings his GCh total up to 22! Jessica reported that he showed well in group both days, but didn’t get any love except from ringside.

I’m excited about this coming weekend as well! Still not a large entry, but I plan to take Decker to the puppy match on Friday night, and am very much looking forward to visiting with friends. :)

Goings On

Not a whole lot going on here…Decker continues to charm the family, the end of school is fast approaching and there are about a zillion things surrounding that.  Charlie and I are taking a trip next week to visit my mom and sister/family, yay!  Nash has a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks, but I don’t know that enough GCh points will even be possible in order for him to finish…we will see.  Decker will be entered in a match at one of the shows, that should be fun!

It has been a lot of fun watching Nash and Decker.  Decker’s new nickname is “Mighty Mouse”, it just suits his personality.  He’s a lot of fun, but has also been learning quite a bit from Nash about how to properly worm your way into the hearts and minds of humans.  We have joked that we need to leash Nash out as a puppy raiser and flood the world with puppies raised with his sweet-as-pie (hehe) personality, because it seems to rub off.  Decker was and is sweet and playful in his own right but it’s awesome to watch him pick up body language and mannerisms from Nash.  And it is always interesting to watch pack dynamics…Brady occasionally will try to play or otherwise interact with Decker and Nash literally wants none of it.  He will place himself bodily in between Brady and the puppy, and tensions rise immediately with Nash very clearly saying, back the heck off and leave my puppy alone.  Nash is not face-on challenging Brady, he is always sideways and circling but very obviously in between.  Let’s face it…Brady has always owned the world (at least he thinks so) and can be an ass to others.  He’s never aggressive but he’s possessive and opinionated…as he’s nearly 14 now he mostly sleeps so it’s not much of an issue.  But Nash knows this well and won’t let Brady have much to do with the puppy at all.  Funny enough, it’s exactly the way that Lizzie is with Brady and Nash…she’s very protective of her son and if she thinks Brady is being anything but cordial, she is immediately there in the middle in the exact same way.  Brady always backs down, especially as Lizzie is the leader these days, and we never have fights or even gnashing teeth (knock on wood).  I usually separate them when tensions start to go up but it really is fascinating to watch.

I hope to have some more pics in a few days, but here are a few of Decker from life around the house.  Charlie adores him although she says she wishes he would “learn how to stop being so bitey already”.  :)

Sad puppy with new tape on ears.

I spy……another poop-colored dog?

Well, who's that?
Looks like Nash likes him
Looks like this kid likes him
Hmm, guess that kid likes him too
Did I mention that Nash likes him? (no puppies were harmed in this picture)

So…yeah.  That IS a puppy you see!  It’s Garrett’s puppy, not mine, but he’s going to grow up here for a little bit over the summer.  Meet “Decker” (or Dexter, the kids haven’t decided yet), who is 9.5? weeks I think.  He’s a HOOT!  This baby is a LOT of fun.  Let’s see,an hour after I picked him up he went to Charlie’s elementary school for pickup, where he was swarmed by kids… and he loved it.  Plopped him in the backyard with my 3 and he was totally un-phased, just started exploring.  Nash was VERY VERY VERY EXCITED at first but has figured out quickly how to play with such a little baby, it’s really been the cutest thing!  Brady is pretty excited too, for an old man, although he has long since used up his daily energy and is napping again.  Lizzie gives me a long-suffering look every time he jumps on her LOL, but she tolerates him quite well.  :)

Should be interesting!  He and Nash are STILL playing, I expected him to poop out quickly but umm, nope.  :)  Maybe that means he’ll sleep tonite.