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Denver shows

Whew!  It’s been years since I’ve been to the Denver shows, obviously…I forgot how much some parts of it suck LOL.  Like parking!  However, now it is RIDICULOUSLY close to my new house (5 minutes), so I really have no excuse for not going.  Since Nash and Lizzie actually both have hair right now, I entered them both for all 4 days.  Jessica Viera helped me out again by showing Nash for me on Friday (I had meetings I absolutely couldn’t get out of at work, so had to just drop him off for the show), and Lizzie the other 3 days while I showed Nash.

Nash didn’t get anything on Friday with Jess, but I was pretty thrilled the rest of the weekend when he went Best of Opposite Sex 3 times!  Best of Breed each day was Libby, aka GCh Aubrey’s Tails of Mystery, otherwise known as the current #1 Cardigan.  The specials entry was significant and of high quality, with an entry of 5 dogs and 3 bitches each day, so it was especially nice for Nash to get recognized.  That should give him 3 more GCh majors and 10 more GCh points, bringing him up to 20 points total.  Not much more to go!  Not to be totally left out, Lizzie was Select Bitch behind Libby 2 of the 3 days she showed and I think that will give her 4 GCh points.

Yearly wrap-up

What a diverse year 2011 has been!  We have had so many things going on this year…deciding to move back to Denver, the stress and insanity around selling our house in Alabama, buying one in Denver (sight unseen on my part!), figuring out new schools for both kids, moving (including tracking down our “lost” truck of stuff) and getting settled..that was quite enough for one year.  Somehow, in between all of that I managed to fit in a few dog things.  I attended Nationals in the spring, took a big show trip to WA in the fall, and managed to find enough points to finish Nash’s AKC championship.  I’m still settling back into the dog show life out here in the West, but it’s good to see old friends again.  :)

I’m quite proud of all of the Charm kids.  A short summary of the year for the show puppies:

Vegas (Ch Allegro Gambler’s Charm) – finished his AKC championship with several majors.  This very happy, sweet, pretty boy will be neutered in the future and keep enjoying life on the farm with Joyce.

Lucy (Ch Allegro Turn on the Charm) – finished her AKC championship easily once she hit maturity and is now working towards her Grand Championship.  She piled on a bunch of points at the end of the year to give her 11 point and 2 majors towards her GCh, along with an exciting Best of Breed win over several nice specials for 5 points!

June (Ch Allegro Celestial Charm) – after being the first in the litter to finish last year, June has been out selectively working on her Grand Championship.  She has 14 points and a major towards it so far!  June also has had her health tests done and is OFA Good, OFA Elbows normal, CERF clear, PRA clear, DM clear, and does not carry fluff.

Nash (Ch Allegro Southern Charm) – finished his championship with a nice Best of Winners award on a Specialty weekend!  Has been out just a couple times since then and snagged a few minor points towards his GCh…next year we will work on that some more and I am signing him up for agility training as well!

Harmony is still happily living with her wonderful family in Mobile AL and working as a service dog for her owner Patti.  Maddie has found a new home with good friends of Dixie and will be hitting the agility circuit!  She never really grew large enough to make it in the breed ring, and I’m tickled that her new home seems to be a great fit for her.  Piper also never really grew big enough and found a wonderful, adoring pet home with Stacey in CA.  I haven’t gotten any updates from Wall-E’s owners, but I wish them well and hope he’s doing great!  I’m so thankful for the owners of these puppies…I keep calling them puppies, but let’s face it, they’re pretty much grown up now!  I know that despite things not always working out the way we plan them, these loving people always have the best interests of the dogs at heart, and I’m so grateful for that!

Here’s to a great 2012!

From Outlook to Outback

Well, to go with our downsized house (and garage), I traded in the big monster Saturn (Outlook) today on this little mom-hicle (Subaru Outback):

OK, so it isn’t sexy, but it drives really well, gets moderately good gas mileage, and has (hopefully) just enough space for the kids and dogs.  There just won’t be much extra.  :)

The Big Announcement

I work with my husband.  I know some people are amazed by that and/or think we’re crazy, but it works out pretty well for us really.  He’s actually my boss!  Anyway, the point of talking about that is because he’s a partial owner of the company we work for.  And said company is based in Denver.  Up until now, it has worked out OK to have the rest of the executives in Denver, while Dave, me, and most of the other developers are here in Huntsville.  But times, they are a-changin.  As the company grows the pressure for us to relocate the development center there has grown also.  We’ve resisted the pressure for a while, but with several things happening this year, it has become too much.  Dave also wants to be there to help the company grow and be a part of its (hopeful) success!

So the upshot of all that is that WE ARE MOVING BACK TO DENVER!  It’s bittersweet, of course…we leave a lot of wonderful family and friends behind in Huntsville, and move further away from the rest of Dave’s family and my own family.  Now that the shock has worn off, however, I’m trying to focus on the positive and am getting excited about moving near some of our old friends again.  Oh and did I mention…we bought a house?

Now, we just have to sell our house in Alabama.  The plan is to move this summer so that the kids have some time to get settled before school starts.  Obviously this announcement isn’t a huge surprise for some of my Facebook friends, as I made a comment about it on there a few weeks ago.  I then had to delete the comment, because I realized (well, was reminded) that some of the other developers for our company were my FB friends, and the company was still deciding what to do with the office here so wanted to keep it quiet until all the decisions had been made.  WHOOPS.

A little about the house – it’s a wonderful, fully restored 20’s bungalow about 5 minutes west of downtown.  We’re a little tired of suburban living (which is, to be fair, safe but fairly boring) and are going to try a more urban environment.  Of course that means smaller house, smaller yard, closer neighbors, etc.  Those are the downfalls…the plus side is that we’re just a few blocks away from Highland Square, a cute little neighborhood shopping/eating area.  And a few blocks walk from Charlie’s new elementary school, which we visited and were very pleased about.  And a nice park in the other direction.  You get the picture…it’s right in the middle of everything.  A HUGE change!  Oh, and we have to sell off about 1600 sq feet worth of furniture in order to fit into the new house.  So if you’re looking for something, let me know…

Cuteness for the day

Provided by Vegas:


and a tired Charlie (also with Vegas, who’s a mush), who I think would stay planted right. there. if I didn’t pry her out with a crowbar every once in a while.


Small update on Pickles, she gained 1.5 ounces yesterday so no big deal!  Apparenty, she was just the normal one…all the rest are piggies.  😀

Even more fronts

Traum’s momma, Molly, as a puppy…maybe 6-8 months? I’m not entirely sure. Hard to believe that she grows into a moose.

and at about 4 months, when she first arrived:

ETA: Yes, Molly is a red-headed tri. VERY red-headed, obviously…you can see between the bottom pictures and the top ones how much her red “crept” backwards on her head until it enveloped the whole thing. The undercoat on her monk’s cap as a baby was always red. And yes, fuzzy ears. 😉 Her coat was a bit feathery…not TOO bad, but her ears were really soft.

Also for funsies, here is Zach at probably around 8 months? You can see he had the long pastern problem as well:

His front stayed pretty much the same, though, even after we started agility and competed.

More fronts, and teeny bit of results

Heidi and I are in Atlanta at a show, mostly for fun and socializing. :o) There’s an entry of 24 here including 8 specials. Today, Rush was pulled out for comparison with the eventual BOS, so not bad for a youngster! Grats to Heidi. We also took some photos of his front for posting later, but I don’t have my camera cord with me so it will have to wait until we get home.

As far as fronts go…I absolutely think that shorter pasterns are a key to a nice front. Lizzie’s are moderately short, but I think could be a bit shorter. She does have nice round bone and good feet. My biggest want for her front is a better chest shape, because she’s somewhat barrel chested. And shoulder layback, but that’s a different discussion. :o)

A front discussion

Maybe Heidi can pipe in (and, ahem, start blogging again) with Rush’s front, because his is gorgeous. :)

Talk about turnout etc by Kate & Joanna got me wondering what Lizzie’s front TRULY looks like these days. I mean, I know it was really nice when she was a puppy. And I know that day-to-day it looks nice. But photographs are always interesting.

So here is Lizzie’s fitted, wrapped front at 4 months old:

And here she is today, at 2.5 years old and just getting blown dry in the garage for our show weekend. Please ignore the expression, as she was most disappointed that I didn’t have cheese. Here it is stacked:

and unstacked:
You can see that she turns out a bit more on her right foot than on her left (and I actually think the way she’s leaning and turning in this photo makes it look a little more so than it really is). That definitely wasn’t there, even in casual everyday life, when she was a puppy. I suspect that most Cardis don’t have exactly even fronts?