MBISS GCHG CH Allegro Southern Charm PT

pra clear (line), dm normal/non-carrier (line & tested), cerf clear (2010, 2013),
fluffy n/n non-carrier, pink EE non-carrier (tested)

ofa hip non-passing (subluxation) @ almost 6 years,
ofa elbow normal

penn-hip .79/.68 @ 46 months
(20th %, no arthritis or DJD. Breed median .62)

(ofa page)

“Villey, Nashie, Nashville”

Nash at 5.5 years


Nash on the move at the So Cal specialty, Jan 2015



Nash is our first homebred champion and shining star!  He was born 6/16/09 as part of our Charm Litter.  A lovely brindle boy with unique half-n-half markings, Nash has grown up to be all that we hoped for and more.  He started out in the show ring with a bit of a bang by winning a 4-point major his first weekend out!  He was also awarded Reserve WD at the CWCCA Supported Entry in Louisville, and accumulated some minor points while growing out of the teenage uglies (which took a while in his case!).  At the Richland specialty weekend in Sept 2011, he was RWD at the supported show on Saturday and Best of Winners on Sunday for a 4 point major to finish!  What a lovely way to finish his AKC Championship, and it was so much fun to do it with friends and family there to cheer us on too.

His GCh was finished by myself as owner handler, and on the road occasionally with our friend Jessica Viera. As he continued to mature we kept him out with Jessica and he was honored with a Select Dog win at the NW Cardigans Regional Specialty under breeder judge Jon Kimes.  Shortly afterwards we were so excited when he won his first group placements in Los Lunas NM with Jessica…a 4th place and a FIRST place!  Nash spent 2013-2014 showing in the Pacific Northwest with our friend and his “grandma”, Dixie Rae.  Dixie bred Nash’s mama Lizzie, so it’s all in the family!  He is a Gold level Grand Champion and ended 2013 in the top 5 Cardigans, and 2014 as the top male Cardigan (3rd overall, 2nd in breed points)!  Nash is a specialty winner also as he was honored with BISS at the Three Trails specialty in Nov 2013 under breeder-judge Marilyn Van Vleit over 3 other top-5 Cardigans.  In Jan 2015, I was very honored to be on the end of his lead as he was awarded BISS at the Southern California specialty under breeder-judge Jon Kimes. He has many other specialty BOS to his credit, a National Specialty Award of Merit 2014, and Select Dog/Award of Merit at Westminster 2014.

Nash is an athletic and very correctly sized boy of about 36 pounds.  He is moderate in every way – there is nothing extreme or overdone about him.  Nash has balanced, efficient movement that is clean all three ways.  He has a stunning silhouette, beautiful proportions, and great balance and type, all capped by his very sweet, soft expression and lovely dark eyes.  His personality is a combination of happy-go-lucky, sweet, playful, loyal, and calm.  He’s one of the most stable and steady Cardigans I’ve ever known and gets along with just about everyone.  I am fairly sure he can get anything his heart desires around our house just by turning those big, chocolately brown eyes onto the humans…a power he uses often!  He is of course not a perfect dog, but I feel very, very lucky to have produced him and he is a wonderful dog to live with.  We adore our Nashville!

Nash is available at stud on limited approval.  His hips scores will limit breedings only to bitches with better scores (OFA or Penn-Hip) and a good family history of hip health.

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BOB at the Three Trails Regional Specialty - judge Marilyn Van Vleit
BOB at the Three Trails Regional Specialty – judge Marilyn Van Vleit.  Photo by Downey Photography

dedicated to the spirited and lively cardigan welsh corgi