Cardigans are usually evaluated for show quality at 8 weeks of age. Of course, I know that when I had my own litter here, I had many opinions already about them by the time they hit 8 weeks, but I know plenty of breeders who barely look at the puppies in that frame of mine until that age. So I can say with some assurance that at least in the case of the litter we bred, it seems to have been very true…but it also took a long time to come back to it!

Nash at 8 weeks
Nash at 3 years

Pictures from OKC

Some photos of Nash in the ring at the supported entry on Saturday when he was awarded Select Dog. Huge thanks to Jessica for getting these for me! I love show photos.

Winners line-up

New Grand Champion Nash

Jessica Viera took Nash to the Oklahoma City cluster this weekend. We were on a beach vacation so I couldn’t even consider going myself, and he does well with Jessica anyway! :) The Saturday show was a supported entry, with sizable specials entries on all 4 days. Nash did pretty well…he was Select Dog on Thursday and Saturday, and Best of Opposite on Friday. That gave him much more than the few single points he needed for his grand championship, so he’s now GCh* Allegro Southern Charm (*AKC confirmation pending)!

Thank you, Jessica, for taking such good care of my boy when he’s with you. I still plan to show him at least occasionally, and am still working on finding some agility classes near us to get started on some titles for the other end of his name!

Longmont CO shows

I entered Longmont, which is about 30 minutes north of me, before I realized that it was the same weekend I had already bought plane tickets to visit my family in Ohio. (did the same thing when I thought about driving to Fargo) Jessica to the rescue – she agreed to show Nash for me even though he’s still wearing his summer clothes. Thankfully, the maturity fairy has finally come to stay and even naked, Nash no longer looks like a teenager. :)

There was a small entry in Longmont with only a single GCh point possible each day. I was thrilled to hear that Nash was BOB both days over the other male special (who is quite nice himself), which brings his GCh total up to 22! Jessica reported that he showed well in group both days, but didn’t get any love except from ringside.

I’m excited about this coming weekend as well! Still not a large entry, but I plan to take Decker to the puppy match on Friday night, and am very much looking forward to visiting with friends. :)

Goings On

Not a whole lot going on here…Decker continues to charm the family, the end of school is fast approaching and there are about a zillion things surrounding that.  Charlie and I are taking a trip next week to visit my mom and sister/family, yay!  Nash has a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks, but I don’t know that enough GCh points will even be possible in order for him to finish…we will see.  Decker will be entered in a match at one of the shows, that should be fun!

It has been a lot of fun watching Nash and Decker.  Decker’s new nickname is “Mighty Mouse”, it just suits his personality.  He’s a lot of fun, but has also been learning quite a bit from Nash about how to properly worm your way into the hearts and minds of humans.  We have joked that we need to leash Nash out as a puppy raiser and flood the world with puppies raised with his sweet-as-pie (hehe) personality, because it seems to rub off.  Decker was and is sweet and playful in his own right but it’s awesome to watch him pick up body language and mannerisms from Nash.  And it is always interesting to watch pack dynamics…Brady occasionally will try to play or otherwise interact with Decker and Nash literally wants none of it.  He will place himself bodily in between Brady and the puppy, and tensions rise immediately with Nash very clearly saying, back the heck off and leave my puppy alone.  Nash is not face-on challenging Brady, he is always sideways and circling but very obviously in between.  Let’s face it…Brady has always owned the world (at least he thinks so) and can be an ass to others.  He’s never aggressive but he’s possessive and opinionated…as he’s nearly 14 now he mostly sleeps so it’s not much of an issue.  But Nash knows this well and won’t let Brady have much to do with the puppy at all.  Funny enough, it’s exactly the way that Lizzie is with Brady and Nash…she’s very protective of her son and if she thinks Brady is being anything but cordial, she is immediately there in the middle in the exact same way.  Brady always backs down, especially as Lizzie is the leader these days, and we never have fights or even gnashing teeth (knock on wood).  I usually separate them when tensions start to go up but it really is fascinating to watch.

I hope to have some more pics in a few days, but here are a few of Decker from life around the house.  Charlie adores him although she says she wishes he would “learn how to stop being so bitey already”.  :)

Sad puppy with new tape on ears.

I spy……another poop-colored dog?

Well, who's that?
Looks like Nash likes him
Looks like this kid likes him
Hmm, guess that kid likes him too
Did I mention that Nash likes him? (no puppies were harmed in this picture)

So…yeah.  That IS a puppy you see!  It’s Garrett’s puppy, not mine, but he’s going to grow up here for a little bit over the summer.  Meet “Decker” (or Dexter, the kids haven’t decided yet), who is 9.5? weeks I think.  He’s a HOOT!  This baby is a LOT of fun.  Let’s see,an hour after I picked him up he went to Charlie’s elementary school for pickup, where he was swarmed by kids… and he loved it.  Plopped him in the backyard with my 3 and he was totally un-phased, just started exploring.  Nash was VERY VERY VERY EXCITED at first but has figured out quickly how to play with such a little baby, it’s really been the cutest thing!  Brady is pretty excited too, for an old man, although he has long since used up his daily energy and is napping again.  Lizzie gives me a long-suffering look every time he jumps on her LOL, but she tolerates him quite well.  :)

Should be interesting!  He and Nash are STILL playing, I expected him to poop out quickly but umm, nope.  :)  Maybe that means he’ll sleep tonite.

Who will be first?

Well we got some fun news and learned something yesterday…due to miscounting how to calculate Grand Championship points, Leslie and June actually got TWO GCh majors a couple of weeks ago in Tallahassee.  :)  So now she’s teetering on the edge of finishing that Grand Championship!  Nash is close too, but as he’s dropping hair all over my house it will probably be a while before he gets back out to look for those last few single points.


Number of Points 23
Number Major Wins 3
Number Major Judges 3
Total Number Judges 13
Events w/CH Defeated 4


Number of Points 20
Number Major Wins 4
Number Major Judges 4
Total Number Judges 8
Events w/CH Defeated 7


Number of Points 11
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 4
Events w/CH Defeated 2

Denver shows

Whew!  It’s been years since I’ve been to the Denver shows, obviously…I forgot how much some parts of it suck LOL.  Like parking!  However, now it is RIDICULOUSLY close to my new house (5 minutes), so I really have no excuse for not going.  Since Nash and Lizzie actually both have hair right now, I entered them both for all 4 days.  Jessica Viera helped me out again by showing Nash for me on Friday (I had meetings I absolutely couldn’t get out of at work, so had to just drop him off for the show), and Lizzie the other 3 days while I showed Nash.

Nash didn’t get anything on Friday with Jess, but I was pretty thrilled the rest of the weekend when he went Best of Opposite Sex 3 times!  Best of Breed each day was Libby, aka GCh Aubrey’s Tails of Mystery, otherwise known as the current #1 Cardigan.  The specials entry was significant and of high quality, with an entry of 5 dogs and 3 bitches each day, so it was especially nice for Nash to get recognized.  That should give him 3 more GCh majors and 10 more GCh points, bringing him up to 20 points total.  Not much more to go!  Not to be totally left out, Lizzie was Select Bitch behind Libby 2 of the 3 days she showed and I think that will give her 4 GCh points.

Good weekend!

Well, I did it for the first time…I sent one of my dogs out to be shown by someone else.  :)  Nash went with Jessica Viera to Hobbs, NM this past weekend in hopes of picking up some GCh points.  The entry in Hobbs was actually quite large, 27 overall and included several specials.  I’m happy to report that Nash was Select Dog on Saturday for 2 GCh points and Best of Breed on Sunday for a 5 point GCh major, under James Frederickson!  That puts him up to I think 10 grand champion points.

Nash Best of Breed

Sister Junie B was showing in Atlanta and picked up a few more GCh points as well.  Way to go Leslie!

Yearly wrap-up

What a diverse year 2011 has been!  We have had so many things going on this year…deciding to move back to Denver, the stress and insanity around selling our house in Alabama, buying one in Denver (sight unseen on my part!), figuring out new schools for both kids, moving (including tracking down our “lost” truck of stuff) and getting settled..that was quite enough for one year.  Somehow, in between all of that I managed to fit in a few dog things.  I attended Nationals in the spring, took a big show trip to WA in the fall, and managed to find enough points to finish Nash’s AKC championship.  I’m still settling back into the dog show life out here in the West, but it’s good to see old friends again.  :)

I’m quite proud of all of the Charm kids.  A short summary of the year for the show puppies:

Vegas (Ch Allegro Gambler’s Charm) – finished his AKC championship with several majors.  This very happy, sweet, pretty boy will be neutered in the future and keep enjoying life on the farm with Joyce.

Lucy (Ch Allegro Turn on the Charm) – finished her AKC championship easily once she hit maturity and is now working towards her Grand Championship.  She piled on a bunch of points at the end of the year to give her 11 point and 2 majors towards her GCh, along with an exciting Best of Breed win over several nice specials for 5 points!

June (Ch Allegro Celestial Charm) – after being the first in the litter to finish last year, June has been out selectively working on her Grand Championship.  She has 14 points and a major towards it so far!  June also has had her health tests done and is OFA Good, OFA Elbows normal, CERF clear, PRA clear, DM clear, and does not carry fluff.

Nash (Ch Allegro Southern Charm) – finished his championship with a nice Best of Winners award on a Specialty weekend!  Has been out just a couple times since then and snagged a few minor points towards his GCh…next year we will work on that some more and I am signing him up for agility training as well!

Harmony is still happily living with her wonderful family in Mobile AL and working as a service dog for her owner Patti.  Maddie has found a new home with good friends of Dixie and will be hitting the agility circuit!  She never really grew large enough to make it in the breed ring, and I’m tickled that her new home seems to be a great fit for her.  Piper also never really grew big enough and found a wonderful, adoring pet home with Stacey in CA.  I haven’t gotten any updates from Wall-E’s owners, but I wish them well and hope he’s doing great!  I’m so thankful for the owners of these puppies…I keep calling them puppies, but let’s face it, they’re pretty much grown up now!  I know that despite things not always working out the way we plan them, these loving people always have the best interests of the dogs at heart, and I’m so grateful for that!

Here’s to a great 2012!

dedicated to the spirited and lively cardigan welsh corgi