(up to date as of February 2016)

Philosophies – About Us

The highlights:

Our puppies are placed as pets on a spay/neuter contract.

When we breed, which is very rarely, it is to keep something for ourselves.  We occasionally have show quality puppies that may be available to very well-screened homes, but we do not sell puppies into “breeding” homes that are not otherwise involved with the breed.  

Here is an article written by a friend that gives some suggestions and thoughts about “How to buy a puppy”: http://rufflyspeaking.net/puppy-buyer-ettiquette/

It’s helpful to tell us a little about yourself when you contact us.

We are not a kennel, we are hobby preservation breeders. We don’t keep many dogs, they are our pets first and foremost and live with our family on our couch and bed, and when we DO have puppies we are careful about where they go and will ask questions to get to know you. So folks who call and want to drop by to see adults/puppies, or who simply ask what’s for sale and how much with no other discussion…maybe you can see how that could rub us the wrong way at times. We are not a retail puppy store, we are a family. On the flip side of that coin, after new families DO take a puppy home, they can expect us to be around for the life of the dog to answer questions, help with training ideas, and other support.

We are in the Denver, Colorado area.

For baby puppies that may be traveling long distances we prefer if new owners can find a way to fly or drive to Denver so that we can meet them and they can meet our dogs, and take the puppy back with them in-cabin. As mentioned, I breed rarely so I am always willing to refer to others.  There are very, very, very few breeders in Colorado so be prepared to look out of state.

We breed Cardigan Welsh Corgis, not Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

No offense to our tail-less brethren, but our focus is on the “tailed” corgi.  Yes, there are two corgi breeds and they are not interchangeable, nor are they bred together.  They are distinct breeds, descended from different types of dogs, who happen to share some characteristics and who were useful in a similar way to Welsh farmers of old. They are both Welsh Corgis, because “corgi” basically means ‘dwarf dog’ in Welsh.  I’m happy to help people find Cardigan puppies, but am not much help with Pembrokes.  I suggest you do some research and contact the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies.  (http://www.coloradocorgi.org/)  If you do indeed want a Cardigan, it’s helpful to say “Cardi” or “Cardigan” when you contact me so that I don’t have to go through the “You don’t mention which kind of corgi you’re looking for…” spiel.  I like to compare it to asking for a “retreiver” without specifying whether you want a golden, labrador, flat-coated, etc.

Current Plans

We do not have anything currently planned to be raised at our house.  Our next litter won’t be for quite a while.

However, our friend and kennel partner Jessica Viera is hopefully expecting TWO litters in spring of 2016! Jessica lives in Alaska so transportation would need to be considered, but she does a fantastic job raising well-adjusted, healthy, and socialized puppies. We are very excited about both breedings! https://grandiosepointers.com/

dedicated to the spirited and lively cardigan welsh corgi