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Phoenix’s Sebring (memorial)

6/28/1998 – 3/12/2013  pedigree

“Brady-butt, Boot, Old Man”

Brady at 10 years
Brady at 10 years

Brady was our pet, our first dog, and the reason we fell in love with the breed. Originally intended for a show home, our good fortune dictated differently and he came to our house as a pet instead. He was a brown brindle with a champagne colored undercoat, and was with us for nearly 15 years.

Brady was a very intelligent, independent, and confident dog who was the self-designated caretaker of everyone else in the house. He was never daunted by anyone or anything in his life, and would quickly pick, in a room full of strangers, the person who was most likely to pet him for a few hours. Brady was also famous for his intensity…he was an *extremely* focused dog, which was both one of his endearing charms and one of his aggravating quirks. :) Brady would have LOVED to be a herding and/or agility dog, but unfortunately due to his aforementioned intensity, he had a tendency to injure himself by pushing himself too hard. He had a full-time job patrolling the yard, chasing squirrels, and giving the construction workers in our neighborhood what-for.

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Brady at 8 years

CH Arylan Opus One of Allegro (retiree)

Leo is a lovely black boy with handsome red brindle points, born July 2005 at Arylan Cardigans. He has a wonderful happy, outgoing, and inquisitive temperament, and he finished his AKC Championship at 13 months old in limited showing. His gorgeous head, outstanding movement, and flashy personality always got him noticed!

After completing his CH, we found that Leo’s hips weren’t the best so I didn’t feel comfortable moving him into agility like we had planned.  The perfect home came along for Leo and we decided to allow him to go. He is now keeping company with the Saiz family in Albuquerque. I know that the boys will keep him quite busy! And hopefully vice versa. We miss him terribly but Leo is thriving under the love of his new family.

Priceville, AL Best in Puppy Sweepstakes
Leo’s trademark “smile”

CH Baledwr Almost Famous NA OAJ OAP AJP CGC (retiree)

Zach is a beautiful richly colored brindle boy who was my “do everything” dog. He came to us as a puppy fom Mandy Katasse of Baledwr Kennels. He’s a sweet, adoring, and very loyal dog who always did everything I asked of him with a big goofy grin on his face. He quickly earned the affectionate nickname “Doofus” because of that silly grin. :) Zach and I spent 5 years together learning how to show in conformation, where he finished his CH quickly, had several nice BOB wins as an adult, and culminated by making the first cut out of more than 100 specials in BOB at the National Specialty. We also learned agility, where his willing-to-please personality made him a great partner and he garnered his titles fast and easy with many 1st placements.

When Zach was 5 we made the hard decision that it was time for him to find a home of his own where he could be the only spoiled dog. He has gone on to live with Sam in Knoxville, who as I understand it, probably lets him spend too much time on the couch! We miss him every single day, but it helps to know what a GREAT home he has!

Handsome boy
Being a goofball (when we lived in Denver)
Great agility dog!

dedicated to the spirited and lively cardigan welsh corgi